Friday, June 7, 2013

A case of smugness

I'm still in pain today.

Last night, with one seat left on the 5:10 pm train that happened to be the window seat next to me, this woman in a flurry of bags, scarves, perfume and hair, charged up the aisle and did a failed Olympic leap over me, slamming her hard-shell laptop case into my left knee. I cried out in pain, startling a few passengers. It hurt like a mofo.

I screwed my eyes shut and asked her why she did that (through clenched teeth). She feigned ignorance. I told her loudly all she had to do was ask and I would have swung my legs out for her. She ignored me while she adjusted her bags and ACTUALLY INSPECTED HER LAPTOP CASE.

Maybe it's the Naproxen I'm taking for my tennis elbow (one of the side effects is sudden mood swings), but I wanted to grab that case out of her hands and throw it off the train. She was pissed I confronted her and began texting about me to a friend called Ness. I took out my phone and began taking photos of my knee from a variety of angles and then proceeded to take selfies of myself making a bunch of faces which really annoyed her. This was met with very puzzled looks from the only person awake seated near us. Everyone else was in a coma.

She was so incredibly smug. It was vomit-inducing.


April said...

You should have accidentally on purpose stepped on her foot as you got up to get off, or to let her off, whichever came first.

It amazes me how many people smack other people on the train with their bags and don't stop for even a moment to apologize. They know they hit someone, but they keep on walking.

Sylv said...

Ugh. I am surprised that I am still surprised at the level of rudeness some people display.

LC said...

Isn't that just the worst! Some people act so oblivious to everyone around them (ex. the people who pluck their facial hair on the train.. disgusting!! But that's off topic..).
A couple of months ago I was sitting in an aisle seat and some guy went charging by and smacked me in the face with his book bag. I yelled out but he didn't even turn around!! Asshole.

C.J. Smith said...

I call out the aisle chargers. If my elbow is even brushed by a bag, I go completely batshit crazy.

Lori said...

Well CJ, you know when you get hit by a bag your not supposed to confront the offender. Your supposed to just suck it up. Just kidding, that woman was a rude brat and the karma police will get her don't worry.

mumzthewurd said...

Tha absolute best thing about getting laid off from my job in TO is getting off the GO. It's not the service, it's the rude passengers. OK sometimes it's the service too.

ExGOnowTTC said...

Use elbows. Greatest lesson i ever learnt in Rugby.