Monday, June 17, 2013

Sounds like it will get worse before it gets better

Two hundred thousand people try to push their way in and out of the PATH and subway from the GO Concourse at Union Station during rush hour.

Many people are just fed up with the chaos and the cattle-car feeling of trying to feed through the doors. For people trying to come into the GO Concourse, it's like you're a salmon making its way upstream.

More from The Toronto Star ...
"Beneath the feet of harried commuters, in the “dig down” started in June 2010 where a new pedestrian walkway is being created, work is humming along.
The city has excavated an area the size of three football fields and is almost done replacing and reinforcing the support columns for the York section (214 are done, 233 are left for the whole project). They will continue laying down new concrete floors for both levels in that section until the end of the year."



Squiggles said...

So basically, the never-ending construction will continue to be never-ending.

I also have doubts about the 24/7-ness of the construction. Only because when I walk by the site in the evening (unless it is a hurricane out there, I refuse to walk inside) there is never anyone around. Never! So much for working around the clock.

It does make me wonder what it will do for tourism in the city this summer especially. The signage isn't great, but at least they finally have a mini-taxi spot available.

Dib said...

I usually travel on the 6:27 LE train, which arrives at Union Station at the exact same time as a LW train.

What brainiac thought it would be cool to have two trains with thousands of people arrive at the same time?


Squiggles said...


I take the same train. It has always arrived at the same time as an LSW, but it is more noticeable now because we share a platform in the mornings.

You are also forgetting that the Barrie train gets in at roughly the same time in the mornings, just on platform 24 or 5. They have further to walk so they end up mingling with the LSEr's

TomW said...

The construction underneat the station (the dig down) happens round the clock. You don't see it, obviously.

George said...

It will get worse as long as they have to keep closing platforms for reconstruction. Trains are going to arrive without being staggered as they used to be. Can't be avoided.
The downstairs is HUGE!!!! I've personally seen it and it's amazing how much more room there will be when completed. Of course, once completed then the current concourse will be closed off for reconstruction. Then the VIA concourse. Once completed (hopefully before we all retire) that entire station will be fantastic.

Complain all you want, the place is ancient and needs a complete overhaul. That's impossible without some inconvenience.