Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Poor bus shelter. You didn't deserve this

This bus shelter at my local GO bus stop has had a bad run lately. Friday night, someone smashed the front glass. Then on Sunday morning, at around 2 am,  two men decided to kick in the glass covering the advertising poster.

My neighbour told me about it as her back deck is just across the river from the shelter and she was outside, nursing a headache, when she heard two males laughing, then banging and then glass shattering.

This is why we can't have nice things.

People suck.


Peter said...

I’m happy that Metrolinx provides bus shelters for the more remote areas of the GTHA. I’m sad to hear that vandalism destroyed part of it. Did your neighbour call the DRPS?

From our Quick Facts file, did you know that there are absolutely no GO Transit bus shelters in St. Catharines – pop. 131,400? When I queried Customer Relations on the matter, I was told to use St. Catharines Transit shelters. Perhaps your readers from the Niagara region can shed light on why Metrolinx has disdain for patrons down here.

C.J. Smith said...

Yes, the vandalism was reported.
Durham Regional Transit (DRT) provides the shelters in rural Clarington but not at all stops, just at the ones shared with GO/DRT bus routes.
GO Transit provides un-sheltered concrete benches that are freezing in winter and hot as hell in summer.

Peter said...

Pickering has bus shelters with DRT and GO Transit logos. Is the same true for Clarington? Per Google maps, these bus shelters (GO likes to call them "stations") are attributed to GO Transit. I wonder if there is a co-operative effort between DRT and Metrolinx that is absent in St. Catharines?