Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Remember the woman from the Toronto Star story who got fined for holding up a Lakeshore West train?

One of Francine Leriche's Facebook friends posted this on imgur:

Background on the story here (from this site)

Congrats, Francine, you got your 15 minutes, but I'm not sure if it was the 15 minutes you were looking for. More like troll level: "Bad-ass" commuter.

Her friends are congratulating her actions on her Facebook page, public for all to read.

This woman truly feels she did the right thing. Amazeballs.

P.S. The Toronto Star has opened up commenting on the story published yesterday.


Mellissa said...

Oh god, oh god, oh god .... please oh Christmas Baby Jesus, I hope she finds this site and picks a fight with CJ. That would be awesome.
Maybe she will text you?

I'm so excited. Because no one does drama better than you girl...

C.J. Smith said...

Why would she pick a fight?
I'm only extending her 15 minutes, right?

ExGOnowTTC said...

Sparks fight at 10 paces?

Dib said...

I'm still trying to understand about getting her arm and foot stuck. It's not making any sense to me. She waited 1/2 hour - ok, so there were probably a lot of people who got on ahead of her. The CSA can see if there are still passengers getting on, plus they all caution 'stand clear of the doors, the doors are closing' at least three times. Was most of her out and only her arm and leg in?

A couple of years ago, I was not paying attention and started to board the train, obviously missing the last 'the doors are closing' warning. Well, the doors did start to close - on me! It hurt. I jumped back, the doors closed, and the train left. It taught me two lessons - make sure the doors are NOT closing before boarding because there's always another train and getting squished hurts.

Judging by this experience, I think her hand and foot would have been squished, but she doesn't seem to mention that. I think she's leaving out a crucial detail or two.

And we should all be reminded of some advice Christy Blatchford gave once: the media is NOT your friend; just because you come with a story, don't expect sympathy.

This inconsiderate act delayed everyone else, who also had plans, that were just as important to them as hers were to her. I think instead of preening on her Facebook page about being a badass, she should apologize for being such a self-centred, irresponsible ass.

Devon said...

OMG. The comments better than the story.

I actually feel sorry for this woman. I think she actually believes she is right.

MATT said...

@Dib - I think she was a Triple-D. Her original story said the doors she was trying to board through "closed before the others". The only way I can fathom this happening is if she was a Triple-D, trying to get in the "out" doors, which closed before the rest of the "in" doors.

If that's the case, that self-righteous bitch can go fuck herself. She deserves every penny of that fine, and every syllable of vitriol she gets online.

Bicky said...

Something in this story doesn't add up. Not sure if it was sloppy reporting or her version of what happened was vague and ever-changing. Either way, she was an inconsiderate clod for causing further delay of the train. Based on the comments I read, if she was looking for sympathy, she struck out.

mumzthewurd said...

How do you wait 30 min for a train and then not manage to get on board before the doors close? I can hear the subway chimes start, run down a flight of stairs and get still get in before the doors close.

Anonymous said...

@mumzthewurd: you are running for a train that runs every 2-6 minutes? Did you hear the announcements, and see the signs and stickers that say not to charge the doors, right?

You get annoyed when a train is delayed at a station for "mechanical problems"?

Jack C. said...

In the interests of full disclosure, I wasn't there when this happened, so what I'm about to write is pure supposition. But I'd be willing to bet real money that the verbal exchange prior to the arrest went something like this:

Officer: Ma'am, are you okay? Are you stuck?
Idiot: No, I'm not stuck. I want on the train.
Officer: Ma'am, you need to clear the door.
Idiot: That's what I'm *expletive deleted* trying to do!
Officer: Just remove your hand and foot from the door. Now, please.
Idiot: I will if you open the doors so I can *expletive deleted* get on the train.
Officer: You're preventing the doors from closing and delaying the train. Remove your foot now.
Idiot: I will if you let me on the *expletive deleted* train!
Officer: No, remove yourself from the doors right now.
Idiot: No! I have to get home! Open the *expletive deleted* door!
Officer: Ma'am, you need to calm down.
Idiot: No, I don't need to *expletive deleted* calm down. I need to *expletive deleted* get home! Now open the *expletive deleted* door so I can get on!
Officer: Ma'am, I've asked you three times to stop obstructing the train. What you're doing is illegal. Are you refusing to remove yourself from the door?
Idiot: *Expletive deleted* Whatever! I want on the *expletive deleted* train! Are you too *expletive deleted* stupid to understand what I'm telling you?
Officer: Okay, Ma'am, this is your last warning, remove yourself from the doors and stop obstructing the train or I'll place you under arrest.
Idiot: No *expletive deleted* way! I have to get home. Let me on the *expletive deleted* train now!
Officer: Okay, ma'am, I'm placing you under arrest...

I'd also be willing to bet that the person sent to investigate the mysterious door closure is a fiction she concocted after the fact.

Just my guess as to how things went.

Anonymous said...

Jack...probably not far off.

The article stated that after she did remove her hand and foot from the door she refused to hand over her ID. That's when she was cuffed.

Perhaps if she handed over her ID she wouldn't have been hand-cuffed.

Sounds like the GO Cops did their job.