Monday, June 10, 2013

Will my faith in humanity be restored?

I still can't believe, three days later, that I left my husband's birthday gift on the train Friday night. His birthday was Saturday.

I've carried so much crap with me on and off the trains over the past six years and I've never forgotten a damn thing. But the first time in 13 years I decide to buy my husband a birthday present (usually we go out for dinner), I leave the damn thing under my seat.

I'm really mad at myself. And with Father's Day around the corner, I am not expecting it back. The timing of someone finding the gift and realizing what next Sunday is, I'm stupid to think anyone would turn it in. But I keep thinking there are lots of people out there, like myself, who continue to do the right thing when they find lost items and turn them in.

Over the years I have turned in:

a BlackBerry
an iPhone
a Nokia phone
a Kobo
a brand new pair of Nine West heels
a gift bag with wrapped gift
a jacket
a coin purse
an MP3 player

I never once kept anything for myself. I did go to Lost and Found once to claim an umbrella I lost and was given back one that wasn't mine, it looked like mine but didn't have a metal tip, but it was raining something fierce and I felt I was owed the umbrella. Don't make me feel bad about it. I brought it back the next day to tell them it wasn't mine and was told to keep it.

Items found on Lakeshore East trains come in to Union today between 1 and 3 pm. Wish me luck.


sasgirl said...

Wishing you lots of luck!!!

After riding the GO train for 12 years, for the first time I left a shopping bag under the seat once with a brand new Ladies Epilator from Sears. It was pricey too!

I forgot it on a Friday and my husband checked for me on the following Tuesday and it was there! I was so relieved. Guess a guy probably found it and thought- I can't use this!?! lol

Taylor said...

Fingers crossed...there still are some good people out there, let's hope one of them found your package.

C.J. Smith said...

I accidentally deleted a comment from someone who suggested I phone the stations along the Lakeshore route. I will do that. I'll start with Oshawa.

Anonymous said...

CJ. I left my Playbook on the train not too long ago. It can take up 4-5 business days for it to reach Lost and Found at Union.

Just keep checking. It's only been two biz days so far.

George said...

CJ AFAIK the general public can't call GO stations. All customers must call the Call Center.

All numbers for the stations are unlisted and the attendants will simply redirect you to the call center if you do happen to get the numbers. SOP.

C.J. Smith said...

Hi George
I haven't phone anyone yet. I went to the Union Station lost and found again this morning and the lovely lady behind the counter told me couriers come in from all stations daily and that she herself would personally call me should my items turn up.

I've been told it can take some time.

Or it can be never. It's my fault for leaving it behind so all I can do is hope for the best.

Bicky said...

Oh bummer. Hope you get it back. *fingers crossed*

Anonymous said...

Yeah keep checking everyday at union and keep calling each station along the lakeshore. As a matter of fact... I'm going to text u to try to help you out