Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This is the crazy you are looking for

from: DY
date: Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 10:12 AM
subject: yesterday's bus ride
Hi CJ,
Thought you'd enjoy this.

I usually take the 413 GO Shuttle from the Bus Terminal to the GO Station. Yesterday morning we picked up a passenger I recognized from my 94 Bus days. She's a little loopy. You know the type - never has her pass out (in the good old days), but assures the driver she has one; has two or three bags and is juggling a cup of Timmy's tea (bag in, this is important). Well, since they are discontinuing her regular bus, she's trying different routes. On she gets, bags in tow, Presto card nowhere in sight. Has to find a place to put her tea while she rifles through her stuff to find said card. Finally locates it, pings, and sits down.

This is where it takes a turn, you might say. I noticed that as she was sipping her tea, she was also nibbling at the cardboard cup. Yikes, I thought - I hope we get to the station before the tea is finished. Nope. But you'll never guess what she did next. Smooshed the tea bag against the side of the cup then proceeded to dab it against her eyelids!!!!! I'm very glad I was wearing glasses; they kept my eyes from falling out on their stalks and bouncing against my cheeks. She proceeded to very calmly look around and announce to her fellow passengers 'that is very refreshing'.

Oh god, I hope she finds another bus.


Squiggles said...

I have heard that cold, used tea bags being used on the eyelids for some reason (it currently escapes me). Maybe she forgot the cold part?

Unknown said...

It is supposed to help reduce puffiness or something...

Anonymous said...

I've heard it's a good remedy for a sty on the eyelid.

Anonymous said...

Its good for younger eyes due to the anti oxidants