Friday, June 28, 2013

Just shut up and take my money!

It took me 30 minutes, three bank branches and a meltdown with a branch manager to buy $200 USD this morning at TD Canada Trust.

I should have just done an ATM withdrawal and gone to RBC where there were 12 tellers ready and willing to shut up and take my money, compared to the one teller per TD Branch (cough) ready (cough) to serve 9-12 people in line at each branch.

I also had a question about my bank account that I'd been procrastinating about and really wanted that addressed as well... hence my stubbornness to walk over to the competition.

I really need to work on that.


Squiggles said...

RBC has the best deals for conversion.

MATT said...

RBC charges me more than ING Direct does for US conversion.

Pretty sure that most ATMs located in a branch also dispense USD.

Anonymous said...

Who has the best deals to convert CAD to Euro?

Bicky said...

With service like that, how do they keep winning the JD Power and Assoc. awards for customer service? Good grief.

calvinhc said...

Years of travelling on business taught me this: NEVER purchase foreign currency, even USD, at home.

The best exchange rate is provided with VISA or MasterCard, and the next best exchange rate is had at an ATM withdrawal at your destination, even when there are fees (some banks, like Scotiabank, have agreements with banks in other countries that mean no withdrawal fees).

TT said...

Did TD respond to your tweet? When I worked for Rogers their social media team was pretty good at trying to help, I wonder if TD is as good?

C.J. Smith said...

Yes they did!

VanessaAppleby said...

Hi CJ! I know this is too late, but try when you need to exchange money. I find they have the best rates.

Anonymous said...

I exchanged some CAD to EUR yesterday.

First tried CIBC: 1.41
Then Guardian Currency: 1.385
Then a no-name on Yonge: 1.374

I was surprised the bank had the worst rate.