Friday, June 7, 2013

Worst seats ever. Am I right?

This is the only situation where I will stand.

These seats are useless.

I hate them. I hope that just by looking at these, you begin to feel your ass hurting. Good.

My work here is done.


Peter said...

With tongue firmly in cheek, I offer the following ...

The 70’s live! Rich vintage GO vinyl as delivered by Hawker Siddeley Canada.

To answer your question, WRONG! Please stop whining about “your ass hurting”. Everyone can see by the reflection in the window that the photo was taken while seated, so it can't reaaaaally be that bad.

Your work is done? Hardly (NPI). I recommend some research into the matter -- a field trip perhaps.

If you want to experience real numb bum, hop on a Route 12 double-decker bus in Burlington, fold down a rack of “feel the steel” seats in the accessibility section and “enjoy” the ride to the Falls. When you get to NF, the realization sets in that you have to repeat the experience in the opposite direction.

BTW, bring earplugs. It’s not exactly a quiet ride. And dress in layers, because you'll either freeze or broil, so you'll need to add or remove clothing as necessary. A/C seems to be somewhat of a mystery for the engineers of the manufacturer in Scotland. Did I mention these babies go for $900,000 each?

I look forward to your trip report. Happy trails! My work here is done. ;-)

C.J. Smith said...

That's not me sitting!

Dan-1 said...

Nah, the worst seats are the TTC ones, devoid of any padding whatsoever.

Basically a piece of fabric stretched over a hard insert in a plastic/metal housing.

George said...

In fairness to Metrolinx, these are being phased out as fast as they can. It's a long process to strip out an interior and replace it because they just don't do the seats, they replace everything right down to the plumbing and wiring , heating and cooling systems as well as being repainted.
Only three cars can be done at once in the maintenance facility at Willowbrook and manpower is limited.
It's also very expensive, but not as expensive as new cars.
They'll be gone but not as fast as you get a numb butt from sitting on them.

Anonymous said...

The advantage of the vinyl seats over the newer fabric ones is that the vinyl does not absorb, snow, mud, dog feces, and other myriad and varied substances in which people step all day long and then wipe off on the seats of the GO train. The vinyl can easily be wiped off once in a blue moon. Despite GO claims to steam clean the fabric seats about once a week (I think I saw that here somewhere), I don't buy it, judging by the horrible blackish / brownish colour of most fabric seats on GO trains.

Squiggles said...

My only issue with those seats is that I slide around on them. There isn't any friction created to hold me in place when wearing dress pants (or a skirt with a lining). Besides, in the summer if you sit on them too long it feels as if you wet yourself when you stand up.

C.J. Smith said...

OH MY GOD, Squiggles. YES. Hella yes. I won't sit on them in summer.

Anonymous said...

I like those seats. It's easier to wipe off the muck from people's shoes.

The stains on the fabric seats scare the hell out of me.