Thursday, June 27, 2013

It only took some 20 odd years to get a new one

This is my new iron. It was purchased a while ago but there's a point to this post. Just hang on.

It's a Panasonic self-cleaning, auto-shutoff, horizontal AND vertical steam iron. You can iron clothes right on the hanger with this beast. It replaces the 20+ year old one my mother gave me (she reckons she bought it in 1989). The toothbrush is how I got steam since the button broke over 15 years ago. This, my friends... THIS RIGHT HERE... is the ultimate example of procrastination. It also demonstrates how much I really enjoy ironing.

I'm posting this because yesterday morning I ran into my old roommate, Holly, at Union Station. This is how Holly remembered me - ironing with a toothbrush for steam. After we said our hellos and we showed each other kid pics on our phones, she burst out with, "Oh my god, do you still have your toothbrush iron?" I'm not throwing old toothy away.

Now that it's legendary, I'm hanging on to it.

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Anonymous said...

i've got you beat! I bought an iron when I moved to T.O. To attend OCA in 1979. I just replaced that iron last year. But it didn't have a toothbrush function...