Thursday, March 15, 2018

I can't even BEGIN to tell you how satisfied this made me feel

I was in a RIGHTEOUS mood this morning, after I slammed my fingers in my steel garage door on my way out to the car. I drove angry to the station (but obeyed all the traffic rules).

I hadn't been in the new Oshawa station yet and went in to ask a question about construction. I was AMAZED there wasn't a single piece of architectural detail that felt welcoming or engaging. I'm all about art, and art in public spaces - so that irritated me. YES I KNOW SOME OF YOU WANT WIFI, BUT I WANT ART.

While I was walking along the platform to go sit at the far east end of the 7:13 am train, y'all be pleased to know that much to the amusement of other passengers traversing the platform, I banged on the outside window of a coach I was walking past to get the attention of two footriders, startling the beejeezus outta them, and shouted, GET YOUR DAMN FEET OFF THE SEATS!

The CSA then made two announcements, one automated and one over the speaker in her own voice, because I think she heard me.

We be trollin'...

Tap to pay by credit card to load your Presto card is coming to Oshawa GO station

It’ll be easier to pay - a ticket vending machine upgrade is underway!

GO Transit
Mar 14 at 1:57 PM

Oshawa GO Customers: On Friday, March 16, we'll be working on the ticket vending machine near the platform entrance. Within a few days, you'll be able to tap your debit or credit card to pay, making it easier for you.

During this time, load your PRESTO card online at or visit a PRESTO customer service outlet. You can also use another ticket vending machine at your station or visit a GO ticket booth to buy your ticket or load your PRESTO card.

Thank you for your patience while we upgrade this ticket vending machine.

This all sounds incredibly redundant. 

One day, Blue Jay/Maple Leafs/TFC/Concert fans will be able to slap a credit card or their phone against a card reader and hop on. No tickets. No PRESTO. Just full fare.

PRESTO just ensures the work crowd gets a discount.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

This guy took up 2 extra seats on an express Lakeshore West train

Oh, and his luggage was cold, apparently.

These kinds of people need to sit on the 3-seater bench, and pile their suitcases in front of them, or, ask to sit there and exchange seats. This is not cool. I don't care what the story is.

Pavement issues at Oshawa GO Station

I'm looking to hear from anyone who has fallen or suffered injuries due to the heaved pavement at Oshawa GO Station, specifically in the areas near the 90 GO bus stop, and the narrow thru-way between the fence and Presto machines as you round your way into the main entrance of the platform.

Send me an email: or text 905 442 7423

Monday, March 12, 2018

Had too much time on my hands on the late train ride home Friday night - made some observations, which left me grumpy

Go Transit wants you to check out their new website Mom's legs look a little high... almost like... She better have one foot on the radiator - to cross a leg like that.
Secondly, why is there a bag on the seat opposite the family?
Please call me.
The agency spent good money putting a whole book together about transit etiquette together, and then this happens?

Oh, and this worked out well:

I need to go lie down.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Good god, how is it that it is almost the middle of March?

And how is it, that we're less than 2 years away from 2020 and we're just now hearing that construction is to begin on extending the Lakeshore East GO train corridor to Bowmanville - completion date is 2024. I say add five more years to that.

This has been an election promise for Durham since 1987.


I can't validate it, and fully admit this is hearsay, but I have met people from the Bowmanville area who told me they bought houses in Bowmanville in the early 90s, because it was thought that commuting wouldn't be an issue in a few years... see how that worked out for them!?

Oh and my Cobourg friends? I have't forgotten about that GO bus service you were promised back 2007, which resulted in a $150,000 study that took eight years to complete.


Why? Because when it was announced in 2016 that Metrolinx was going to push through the Lakeshore East expansion, you lost your bus from Oshawa. I can only presume you'll get a bus from Bowmanville.

Here's the article about the Lakeshore East expansion construction start.