Monday, May 2, 2016

Foot rider's socks give a clear indication of how he feels about GO Transit's etiquette campaign

You can keep my loonie!

date:Wed, Apr 27, 2016 at 3:26 PM
subject:no pics.. just blog
You can keep my Loonie…
Should it really be called Service Guarantee when the benefit is only valid for the first 35 trips which in most of the cases is 3 - 3.5 weeks and not the entire month? Considering that from ride #36, the reimbursement are paid at a lower rate which can be a loonie* or even zero, once you hit the 40-rides mark  (*it can be different for other routes but the same principle applies).
I am a ‘Milton line’ long-time user. Last night on my way back home, the train came to a full stop @ Kipling for an hour due to ‘signal issues’. Reviewing my claim history, I noticed that there are more delays in the last few days of the month than those at the beginning; hence the reimbursement towards the end might be a loonie (like last night) or $0 later in the month.
Following is an example of a reply from claims@ which came as a surprise -an unpleasant one-
“The GO Train Service Guarantee can only credit you what you paid for your trip. Passengers on their 41+ trip within a month pay $0. Your trip falls within this timeframe, therefore your credit will be $0, as this trip was free”
This trip was free? Wait a minute, I pre-pay $277 per month (Streetsville-Union), the loyalty trip is a great idea, but it doesn’t make any of those rides free. Moreover,this means that the service guarantee benefits more the non-frequent users instead of the everyday users, who by the way are the main customers of the go train
The Service Guarantee should be even throughout the month for presto-card holders. i.e. for a user like me who pays $277 for 40 + trips per month, the credit should be 1/40th of my monthly fee or $7 per trip, or perhaps the price of a single ride to make things even with non-frequent customers which for the Streetsville-Union route is $8.75 CAD instead of the loonie that I am eligible for due to my last night’s 1-hour delay.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Because nothing good ever happens at 4:30 in the morning behind the wheel

Twitter user shares progress of Bay Concourse

Artists adds monsters to photos to make them "un-boring"

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That smile at the end

And right beside the passenger who sent this in

Anyone who tries this "you shall not pass" crap with me, barricading me into a quad with a leisurely footstool approach, learns real quick what a bad idea it is.

You're not at home. WTF?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

#WhenDovesCry #RIPPrince

Rest easy, sweet Prince.

I fucking loved you.