Monday, July 21, 2014

What in odor eater hell is this?

from: D
date: Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 11:52 AM
subject: Not just trains

Imagine my horror, on my flight from Van to toronto, as this foot snuck its way between the seat and the wall.

Luckily, there was no one IN the window seat, but I didn't appreciate it regardless.

You stay classy, Whitby - I'm fingering daytrippers for this one

Via email

Happy Monday!  I'd like to say mine is off to a swell start but I had to play dodge the puke pile going up the stairs to the platform.

I'll save your eyes and your gag reflex by not taking and sending a picture.

The platform was a complete wasteland of cake boxes, drink cups and other garbage. Clearly the remnants of Indy and baseball fans. Not a pleasant way to start the day.

It can only get better from here!


Friday, July 18, 2014

Parenting -- Signs you've done it wrong

You know, just when I thought society couldn't set the bar any lower, an incident on tonight's 520 LSE just proved me wrong.

Two guys sat in the quad in front of me, perfected ALL YOUR SPACE, and conducted a conversation loud enough to be heard in the locomotive over the roar of the engine. A woman seated under the quiet zone sign politely asked if they could lower their voices. She turned to point at the sign behind her. The men said nothing to her and ignored her request. When they exited at Pickering, I suspect their sense of entitlement got the better of them and in a fine display of bad parenting, both loudly exclaimed, "FUCK Y'ALL!!!" when they stood up.

As they went down the stairs, one of them leaned into the quad of the woman under the sign and said to her, sarcastically, "Hope the rest of your ride home is more enjoyable."

I. Was. Stunned. The woman looked horrified that someone would single her out so pointedly and be so disrespectful. She was visibly shaken. She hadn't done anything wrong.

Quiet zone or not, we are all within reason allowed to ask people to behave if their antics are interfering with any of us trying to enjoy the ride comfortably. So let's not blame the quiet zone for this horrible display of intimidation and rudeness. Blame bad parenting.

As a parent myself, I would be mortified to learn my grown son had conducted himself so dastardly.

Here's Tweedledouche with his leg contorted towards the window in an earlier fantastic display of footriding.

Let me go get my gas can and fill 'er up

Good news for Ajax passengers

Don't you just love that new train smell?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Anyone know when this project started (yeah I could Google it but y'all better than Google)

Just letting you all know I have emailed this person. I will post the exchange

Let's play my new GO train game! It's called: "Name the DNA!"

How nice of GO Transit to have provided a bench for this tired smoker

Hey... what the...? What's that sign?


Today I learned that Presto and GO are not integrated when it comes to fare resolution

On Tuesday, I had to override my trip home as I had been driven to Ajax after a company event downtown. I pressed the override button, tapped and got off at Oshawa. At Oshawa, I tapped on the bus and tapped off when I reached home.

Did you spot the mistake? Yeah, I didn't tap off when I got off the train, so a $4.68 fare became $12.78, as I was charged full fare to Newcastle -- the end of the road on the LSE.

This morning, I waited in line at GO Transit Customer Service in Union Station and had time to ponder, as the line snaked its way through, why I was unable to correct this fare mishap online or over the phone. Over the phone meant being mailed a credit voucher - no thanks. I'm moving and don't plan on forwarding my mail so not a good idea as it could take weeks. PRESTO was supposed to prevent line-ups. Yet, here I am, in line, to ask for a refund and also, observing a large amount of people looking to resolve under-payments and adding fare to their e-wallets. It's archaic.

I've never had a fare reversal issued before so imagine my surprise when the agent, after reviewing my mistake, he pulled out a paper and a pen.

What fresh hell is this?

I filled out my portion of the form which asked for my name and phone number and I was puzzled that there is no database application for these agents to use to collect this information. My personal information is there with the PRESTO card, is it not? I know the agent used my card to review the transactions and I have a feeling that's all he can see. This means there is no integration within Metrolinx's organization. Walking to work, it then dawned on me why those of us who use credit cards to either autoload or load fare also can't have credits applied back to our credit cards, kind of like what Ticketmaster does when a concert is cancelled. Quite simply, neither GO Transit or PRESTO can because they don't record or store this credit card information. Moneris does. Moneris processes credit card payments for PRESTO online. I don't think PRESTO has an arrangement to do chargebacks. I know it can be expensive.

In other words, there is no ONE system for GO Transit to handle PRESTO fare reversals, refunds or credits. And the reason why it takes so long for refunds due to delays to happen is because I bet at least three forms have to be filled out and processed by at least three different departments and then someone at GO Transit manually processes the credit to each PRESTO card.

Who built this dinosaur? Oh wait, right, the same government where we learned via a Toronto Star article that Metrolinx is mandated to take the lowest bid on any infrastructure project. So of course PRESTO was handed over to the lowest bidder and you know what your nana always said, "You get what you pay for."

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I laughed - because it's true

Fast Fact: When the Quiet Zone was first rolled out, GO Transit Security was overwhelmed with all the code 1033s to shut people up. As much as Metrolinx implemented this for the benefit of passengers who asked for quiet cars, it is the most counter-productive attempt at passenger comfort, ever. 

Can you tell I am not a fan? I do sit in the Quiet Zone but I don't believe anyone can realistically expect everyone to all share the same expectations of "quiet". My expectation of quiet is that you don't bring seven friends on board with you, sit in separate quads and yell at each other across the aisle about how you would love to buy a condo downtown, as you couldn't imagine having to commute every day, because if you had to do what "these people do", you'd shoot yourself. Instead, if you aren't a regular commuter, you sit down, lower your voice and show some courtesy for those who do have to do what "these people do" every day.

Yeah. Day trippers. They can shut the hell up for sure.