Monday, August 29, 2016

Sorry officer, but what is a "bus"? Isn't that short for those driving for "business"?!

Ugh, really ...?

When in doubt, duct tape always helps out

Reason #387 why we can't have nice things

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Rowdy family coming back from CNE compares Quiet Zone exile with Jews sent to concentration camps

Last night's LSE train saw a large family arrive upstairs complete with cranky children, music blaring from an iPad and a grandpa whistling as loud as he could manage.

It only took until just outside the Distillery District for someone to remind the group of eight they were seated in the Quiet Zone and if they wanted to continue their Exhibition fun, they could do so downstairs.

Choice words were exchanged. Grandpa exclaimed it was a free country. Mom starting recording everyone on the coach so she would "have something for the police to watch if any of us started anything".

When the train left Pickering, a male passenger told the crowd they could go downstairs now since there were seats as he had quite enough of their obnoxious behaviour. He said he was a Metrolinx employee, so if they wanted to know who died and made him the boss of the GO train, he had the credentials to fill those shoes.

As they packed up their stuff and moved downstairs, the mother turned around and remarked to all of us that "this is what the Jews must have felt like during the Holocaust".  The man told her that was an ignorant and offensive comment to make. I tried not to throw a shoe at her head.

I can't with this. I really can't.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Every night when the train rolls in at Union

Man injured after jumping from moving GO train

Police say four men were on board an Oshawa-bound GO train early this morning when around 12:30 am, they managed to pry open the doors of a coach, and jumped just west of Danforth station.

One man was seriously injured. He's currently in hospital under police custody.

A Metrolinx spokesperson told 680 News prying open the doors of a moving GO train takes a considerable amount of force.

No names have been released.


The CBC has more details.

Friday, August 19, 2016

This guy is in my spirit animal

Train etiquette, super simple stuff

It's called a *map*. I suggest you use one

My regular Durham Transit bus driver is on vacation and in his absence, I've been treated to a different relief driver each day this week. This morning's driver was 10 minutes late. When I boarded, I politely informed her I had less than two minutes to catch my connecting bus to the 7:03 Oshawa GO train and her response was, "Sorry. This is not my regular route."


I asked her why she was late. She seemed incredulous that I would ask this. "As I said, this isn't my route," she told me and then proceeded to tell me what other options I had to get to the GO station (this made me seethe).

It was only her and I on the bus so I asked her to radio the driver of the 922 to see if he could manage waiting two minutes seeing as he appeared to be two minutes ahead of schedule, according to Durham Transit's bus tracker app. She said she couldn't do that. I told her she could. She told me she would not.

Exasperated, I sat down and steamed. When we arrived at the Oshawa Centre, I told her that if I could manage to make it to the bus stop on time, she could manage the same. Again, she mentioned that she was merely a relief driver but I would have none of it. "Every driver before you this week managed to be on time before you showed up, so please don't insult your profession further. You're an embarrassment to anyone who does your job," I said to her. I was on a roll and didn't care. My commute is long enough, having to detour off my route because of her laziness put me at the office a whole hour later. It's not cool.

She protested by telling me she was unfamiliar with the route and it happens to every bus driver. My god, what year is this?!

"HAVE YOU NOT HEARD OF A MAP?" I asked and walked off the bus.

Yes, I know there are worse things. This is right up there with finding a dead cockroach behind your oven. That's where this sits on my personal list of worse things.