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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hey Ted, wanna bring in that new monitor you bought to work? BONUS! A Quiet Zone story at the end

A.L. sent this in on Tuesday, writing, "There's also a big carry-on suitcase paired with this in our quad." I asked if it was a rush hour train and indeed it was, originating out of Appleby. When I commented that people are jerks, A.L. pointed out these folks were kind enough to store the carry-on luggage under a seat. A few minutes later, A.L. wrote, "If you want a tad more colour to the story, she almost cracked a guy in the face with the monitor box as he was behind her coming up the stairs. He just smiled."

Me: "And that's when I shoved her down the stairs your honor! Case dismissed."

A.L.: "One day there will be serious violence. About a month ago a guy was riding in the QZ in one of the end quads.. 40-ish dude. A 20-something couple got on and the guy started talking to his girlfriend loudly. The older guy politely pointed out it’s the QZ and they could go downstairs to talk.
The young guy practically yelled at him: SHUT UP. SHUT THE FUCK UP. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? YOU WANT TO TAKE ME ON?
His girlfriend told him to calm down, and they both resumed their conversation. The 40-something guy was understandably cowed. I was two quads away and everyone was looking at the couple. If just one person had stood up to confront, I sensed others would have joined. But nobody wanted to be that person, especially considering who knows what kind of whack-job the guy was.
I probably should have gone to the customer service guy. But apathy. You know.

I got to be *that* person again!

I was in the Quiet Zone on a morning train, towards the end of the coach, one quad away from the stairs. Some dude sitting in the last row, near the window, was conducting a conference call on Speakerphone.

For real.

As we rolled out of Ajax, I observed the reactions from my seat mates and those around me. There were the typical gestures of annoyance: throat clearing, snapping newspapers, exaggerated shifting in seats, Exorcist-style turning of heads, gopher movements of popping up and out of seats with "Who you talkin' to Willis?!" expressions, eye-rolling and sighs.

So I got up, moved into the aisle, leaned over the guy sitting to next to conference-call dude and politely asked if he had headphones as he was interrupting several naps and I could hear him over my episode of The Walking Dead. Blank stare. Then I pointed to the QZ sign right in front of him. He mouths an, "Oh" and gets up to head downstairs. All of sudden it was like opening a cupboard in some ghetto basement apartment and having hundreds of cockroaches come at you at once when folks standing in the bi-level below realized a seat from free. Aggressiveness? You has it.

I sat back down. AND YET AGAIN... no one clapped, no one lifted me onto their shoulders and chanted my name.

You're welcome (I oughta snap a newspaper across some of yo' heads...)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I'm busy but ... boot in the head guy is looking for cash

I have to make time for this email:

from: Bicky
to: CJ Smith
date: Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 10:36 AM
subject: I know you're busy as all get out but...

Remember the guy who got kicked in the head by the train conductor? He's baaaack!

He's Canadian (eesh!) and he's hoping to make a few bucks off the video.

I'm including the link to CTV News Toronto rather than the Star - no one can read their articles if they're over the limit.

I can't even make a few bucks from this blog ... then again, I could but I'm not greedy. Yet.

Hipster GO rider keeps his grime to himself

Feet on the seats is STILL feet on the seats, even when it's your own seat.

A little sunshine for today

Starbucks is giving away free brewed coffee or tea if you come in with your re-uesable cup or mug - today only.
May I recommend their Blonde roast (also called True North)?
It's very good.

Monday, April 21, 2014

My apologies in advance

I'm gonna warn you now, it will be pretty dry 'round these parts over the next two weeks. This time of year is ridiculously busy at work and as much as I try to blog from the train, it's not the same when blogging from a computer. And as much as I tried to gather content this weekend and enter it in, and post-date it, that didn't happen either.

You can roll your eyes. I know! All this stuff I do for FREE! FREE!!! And it's not getting done. How can you count on me? I know. I ask myself this several times a day.

But first (no, not let me take a selfie) there's this news story out of Australia. Let me tell you about Australians, they take rail commuting very seriously and I love them for it: Rude travellers toe the line: 480 people fined for putting their feet on train seats. This would never, ever happen here. No elected official has the balls to put something like this in place. I'm telling you, though, it needs to happen.

I promise you once life loosens its grip. I'll be back to regular scheduled blogging. Please don't stop sending stuff in. I want what you have. Gimme.