Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bought a new bike... because I nearly got killed

I learned a hard lesson about riding a bike that doesn't really "fit" you as opposed to riding one you can dismount quickly and steer swiftly.

Long story short, last Thursday night, a driver ran a stop sign. Then he STOPPED in the middle of the intersection when he finally saw me approaching, quickly, downhill. I screamed at the top my lungs for him to move. He accelerated (honest to GOD, was he stupid???). I whizzed past his back-end and nearly wrapped myself and my bike around a lamp post. I came home, told my husband I had to get a proper bike and I got a proper ROAD bike.

It's a Giant Cypress LX W. It's the most amazing bike I've ever owned. Last night, I rode 16 km up hills and over bumps like it was butter. Nothing hurt. I can stop, dismount and hop off in seconds. I almost wept.

And I want to be honest with you, I am only taking a 5-day vacation but my mental health break started much earlier. So many of you are freaking out about PAN AM. I have no idea how to help anyone deal because I have no idea what the impact will be.

How I've been coping is I imagine Friday nights when a Raptors game, Jays game, Slipknot concert and Disney on Ice are all letting out at the same time. I have done many of these nights.

Those of you who haven't, yes, you will probably become alcoholics.

I've already beat you to it.

Friday, June 26, 2015

And now MORE about Tuesday's 5:20 LSE

And here I was, ready to pull out my board game of Clue and toss the candlestick into the library with Colonel Mustard to figure out why Tuesday's evening rush for the LSE became a gong show (I had the email to my contacts at GO Transit all drafted up) when this email came in:

What is a "temporary technology blip"?

Good christ. Did someone in Customer Relations phone down to I.T. mentioning he or she was drafting an apology to customers and needed an explanation and some clown in I.T. barked out "temporary technology blip"? What is this? 2001?

There is absolutely no need or this kind of vague jargon in 2015. We're all smart these days. Computer databases run about 85% of our daily lives. And we know they can fail.

How about you try some transparency, my friends in I.T.? I worked in your industry for 13 years and fought against this crap. I believe in telling clients the truth.

Someone screwed up. If not someone, then the software failed. Full stop.

In this case, what the email could have said is, "The software GO Transit relies on to feed information about train schedules such as their departure times and platform numbers failed to function properly during the period of 5:15 pm and 6:15 pm on Tuesday, June 23. We have taken measures to correct the problem and we do not anticipate this will happen again. We profusely apologize for the confusion this caused, as well as the inconvenience."

And even if I.T. doesn't know what the problem was, then say that. Then conclude with it appears to have been resolved but the situation is being further investigated. It's not hard.

Don't write to us about "blips". We deserve better than that.