Monday, January 16, 2017

Go Transit's delays due to trespasser activity double those of the TTC in 2016

When this story broke, I wrote to Metrolinx Spokesperson Anne Marie Aikins asking for figures for GO Transit. Aikins was kind enough to compile some stats:

In 2016:
  • 54 hrs of delays from trespassers
  • 245 train trips impacted
  • 94 hrs of delays from fatalities
  • 329 train trips impacted
I received a direct message from a person on Twitter who wanted to know what was considered "trespassing". Is it just people walking on the tracks or is it also items that were thrown on the tracks (in one instance, a toilet had been tossed and a train had to be halted)? It's a good question, and I'm on it. It would be interesting to know, aside from a toilet, what else has been thrown onto tracks. 

Math is hard

Friday, January 13, 2017

True story, bruh

Friday, January 6, 2017

Never fight a stroller mom, you ain't ever gone win

Yesterday morning a fight broke out on the 7:03 am GO train leaving Oshawa that resulted in a passenger fetching the CSA to break up the dispute.

I only heard this third-party. A woman boarded one coach east of the accessibility coach and collapsed and shoved her SUV-sized stroller into a quad. It was just her and her young child and this move eliminated two seats. Although I am not defending the situation, I will point out that it has been lighter than usual on the morning trains due to this week still being a winter break for many, so I don't think it was a rush-hour crisis.

One passenger did not like that this woman decided she could hog a quad and told her so. Words were exchanged, something-something you should be in the accessibility coach. Passengers runs off to get the CSA to settle the matter. CSA doesn't ask anyone to move anything but tells the passenger who complained she is free to sit someone else if she's that bothered by the situation.

Lots of chest puffing and shoulder shrugging. Stroller mom was near tears.

Look, many of us have been a stroller mom. Mind you, I didn't have an all-terrain stroller but I've seen the dirty looks these mom and dads get when they board buses and trains with these things. It ain't pretty.

Person is a damn genius

I have seen things, man

I got on my second bus (it's a two-bus ride for me each morning, usually) at a different bus stop this morning, more north of where I usually get on (thanks to a lift from my husband so I could avoid my usual 2-bus transfer and a wait in the cold) and before the usual gang of hens I see each day. It's Courtice. There are only 11 of us who take Durham Transit buses in the morning. Everyone else drives. True story.

When they boarded, they stared at me like I had teleported and have unspoken answers about the fifth dimension. #hard-stares #we-don't-speak #i-know-things-you-don't

No idea how to translate this into a story...

It was one of those "I guess you had to be there" moments. I am dead serious when I say living in a small town commuting to the big city is truly a Groundhog Day (as in the movie) experience. You can set watches by when and where you will see people.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

UPDATED: New York City commuter train derails in Brooklyn, injuring over 100

A New York City train derailed at a downtown Brooklyn terminal during Wednesday's morning rush hour, injuring more than 100 commuters in the metropolitan area's second major rail accident since late September.

Emergency crews swarmed Atlantic Terminal after the Long Island Rail Road train went off the tracks inside the busy transportation hub at 8:20 a.m. local time, the New York City Fire Department said.

More on this story... with footage

There's another subway at Union? Or is this Bay Street Concourse stuff?