Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Those comments ... (whistles)

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On Sunday, some douchebag punched a GO bus operator. On Tuesday, said douchebag was found and arrested

March 21, 2017
Police identified the 24-year-old suspect wanted for assaulting a GO Transit bus driver on Sunday.

On Sunday March 19, 2017, officers attended the area of King Avenue and Baldwin Street in Newcastle after reports of a disturbance at a GO Transit stop in the area.

On Monday, March 20, 2017 officers were able to identify the suspect and he was taken into custody without incident.

Matthew JACIW, age 24, of Regional Highway 2 in Clarington is charged with: Aggravated Assault; Robbery and Mischief/Damage Property not Exceeding $5000. He was held for a bail hearing.


Mar 20, 2017
Police are looking for a male suspect after a bus driver was assaulted Sunday night in Newcastle.

On Sunday March 19, 2017, officers attended the area of King Avenue and Baldwin Street in Newcastle after reports of a disturbance at a GO Transit stop in the area.

Witnesses reported a driver had unsuccessfully attempted to wake a male passenger who was passed out on the upper level of the bus.

The driver returned to the front and the male awoke and began yelling at the driver and kicking the cash box. The driver attempted to stop him and was punched in the head several times. The male fled in an unknown direction. The driver was taken to hospital and treated for head injuries.

The suspect is described as male, white, 18-23 years old, with a thin build, blue eyes and glasses. He was wearing a long green military style coat with a light grey hooded shirt underneath, blue jeans and running shoes.

Are you sitting down? Good. What I'm about to tell you might shock you. Guess what? You're NOT the most important person on the train

I know it's hard to hear this when you've been led to believe for your whole life that you are more important than anyone else, especially any person with mobility issues.

JW writes:

Back Story: 2 weeks ago, I messed up my knee (ice is evils I tells ya!). 1 week ago the Dr. put me on crutches.  I have mostly worked from home, but I am into a busy point and need to be in the office more.

The rant is this: why do people, even when seeing the crutch, feel free to push ahead to get on the accessibility coach and the elevators?  Last week a CSA had to tell 2 women twice to wait and let me on the elevator first.

This week, a very nice woman has made certain I get on the elevator when we arrive at Union (she also makes certain a visually-impaired gentleman with a service dog gets on the elevator as well).  Then held me up because others jammed on and pushed me over!

There are nice considerate people.  But more and more, there are so many that are just rude and pushy and very self-important.  Even some of the CSAs are not telling people to wait while those of us are trying to get on.  In the mornings there is myself and a gentleman with a cane.  Unless the train stops directly in front of where I or he is standing, people will force their way onto the train.  I have seen the carnage.

Basically, people need to know that those with mobility implements are not using them because they want to (believe me, I am hoping I can ditch it after the Dr. appt on Friday).  We are slower and hurt and can't dodge and weave like everyone else. Some common decency goes a long way to making our day a little nicer.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Incident happened this past Tuesday

Are you surprised? I'm not surprised

Monday, March 13, 2017

GO Train Schedules Displayed for Highway Commuters — Update

From: Iona Pintó
Sent: March 9, 2017 3:50 PM

Hi Cindy,

It appears your enquiry to the Ministry of Transportation, may have initiated a call to action.  There is now a second variable message sign beside the QEW in Burlington.

The new display was erected recently alongside the Toronto bound QEW between Guelph Line and Walkers Line.  Even though the structure stands taller than the sign I shared with you in the prior article, I'm not convinced this one will provide Eleanor any better vantage if she is in lane 2 and there are high-sided commercial vehicles to her right.

Sadly, the quality of the information displayed on this sign is on par with the one we discussed previously, as you can see here viewed from the South Service Road.


Thursday, March 9, 2017

That's one way to fill your shorts with coleslaw!