Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The posters GO Transit forgot

Drinking alcohol on the express train ride home despite GO Transit not having a liquor licence

Exposing your feet to everyone, despite the train not being your personal space

Friday, August 29, 2014

To quote Quagmire... Giggity

Make it $20 or less for UP Express: poll

A new poll suggests that $20 could be the most agreeable rate for a one-way ticket on the incoming Union-Pearson Express train. The results come a week after the Star conducted a reader survey online that produced similar findings. In the new telephone survey conducted by Forum Research on Monday, more than 900 randomly selected Torontonians…

My job is pretty stressful, does that entitle me to behave like this?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Who's Not Been Serving Us Lately? Part 6

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by Chris P. Bacon

In this installment of Who’s Not Been Serving Us Lately? I look at who has been serving you.  Previously, in this post and this one, ThisCrazyTrain dredged up some dirt and exposed the debacle that is Burlington station today.  One of the mainstream media followed suit with their article.  You're welcome Toronto Star.

Back in this post, I asked why Metrolinx hadn’t been pressured to operate hourly bus service between Burlington and Niagara Falls during the week, as is done on weekends.  Well, it appears Metrolinx picked up on that recommendation, because commencing with the next Board Period – August 30 – GO Transit will be operating almost-hourly buses on Route 12.  Here's the schedule.

This should "GO" a long way to alleviate those bus overflow situations, and the missed e-mail notifications that accompany them.

You’re welcome Metrolinx and residents of Niagara region, but there really is no need to thank us.  You see, with CJ as our mentor, we at ThisCrazyTrain pride ourselves with making your commuting experience better.  It’s our mission to serve you, and we do it pro bono.  That’s right, we work for free.  You won’t find our names anywhere on a SunshineList.  I’d like to thank CJ for allowing me to contribute – in a small way – to "The Cause".

Stay tuned for upcoming articles, including a long overdue exposé of St. Catharines, and who’s not been serving us there.  And remember folks, stay classy, and keep your feet on the floor