Thursday, August 21, 2014

You suck if you do this

Accidentally deleted 17 comments

Damn, I suck ... So I have to wade through hundreds of emails in my spam folder from Blogger trying to find them among all the, "Hey I like your website, here's mine, {insert link to penis enlarger}.

I found about seven but 10 are AWOL. I'm really sorry. If you left a comment and I didn't re-publish it, please try again and I'll try not to be so stoopid.

It's my understanding the province is making the move to include these under the Smoke Free Ontario Act

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Years ago, someone bought me a poster of this train wreck

I knew nothing about it, or the photographer, or the event, until I started this blog and train fanatics and rail nerds began to contact me, sending me emails filled with links about rail facts, history, stories, etc., and usually I'm like, pssssh, so not my thing. Until today.

RF sent me a link to this famous train crash, known as the Montparnasse derailment, when I jokingly responded to an email from him that my life is a living train wreck. He sent this image which is a famous event - for rail folks, seeing as I didn't know it was famous. Coincidentally, I had a very large poster of this photograph that hung in my first apartment until I gave it away. Who knew?

I wish I still had it. It's a marvelous train wreck and RF nailed it. It's how I feel at the moment about life and the fact that my husband and I are on a train we have no control over -- we own two houses at the moment after a real estate transaction failed to close -- hope is dying as Friday is when house #1 is returned to us to keep "owning". It's a frozen asset at the moment.

I am at a loss. I can only hope for a miracle.

Meanwhile, in Australia

Douche, meet bag

Presented without comment

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

There's nothing I love more than a bragging foot rider

This video is funnier if you watch it while you're drunk

Whole lotta entitlement going on at Centennial GO parking garage

Hi CJ,

Just want to let you know that uncivilized drivers had been a perpetual problem at Centennial Station. Quite a few "regulars" take a "shortcut" to the upper floors by driving up the down ramp, and I've witnessed a few near-accidents and physical confrontations. I've discussed this with a GO personnel at the station and she said the parking structure is managed by the City of Markham and thus out of their hands.

And see attached, taken at 8:04am today. The car will probably be at the parking structure for the rest of the day. Please post this - like to know if anyone from GO or the City would do anything about it. I'm not holding my breath...

(Please do not post my name or email address... Call me "Jarrod". :) )

Don't care about your problems ... get your shoes off the seat!

Monday, August 18, 2014

GO Rider comes to the Church of the Crazy Train with his Confession

I ride the GO Train at least twice a week as my girlfriend lives out of town, and I normally spend weekends with her.  As we have been together five and a half years, I have been riding the GO with that frequency at least that long.

So here is my confession.  For the first time in five and a half years last Thursday July 30, 2014 I got busted without paying.  It was not on purpose, but I feel the need to confess because I don't see the following as being an excuse:  Basically I took work off early at 12.30pm, and my train was at 12.47pm.  I booted it from my office to Union and sprinted up the stairs onto my train.  Once I caught my breath, and settled in it hit me as the train was pulling out that I never tapped on.  This has happened to me twice before, but I dodged a bullet those two times.  Not this time though.  Sure enough just after the train pulled out of Oakville, I was in the second car from the locomotive, and a fare check came around.

I didn't do the searching my pockets "where is my presto card" routine,  I didn't ask "I was supposed to tap on?" or "I was sure I paid for a ticket all the way to Burlington" routine, these are all tactics that I have seen several times by people….my compliments.  I simply explained the truth that I was in a rush, and completely forgot to tap on.   The fare checker was stern, saying it only takes a second to tap on, and she was right, it does, there is no excuse.  I handed over my ID and spent the rest of the trip looking at a written warning feeling absolutely sheepish.

I guess I write this as proof of the "honour system" working.  It wasn't pleasant at all.  It's downright embarrassing.  Even though it wasn't rush hour, there were still people in my section of the train that saw it all go down.  The embarrassment factor alone during rush hour has me being vigilant, making sure I pay, cause I can only imagine how extra embarrassing that is during peak time.   Now that I have that warning, the next time I get caught without paying it's a fine, and it escalates after that.  So there it is GO Train peeps, this Toronto snob got busted, and will be on his guard to make sure something like that never happens again.

- VA

You are forgiven my son! Be sure to put your money in the bowl for Jesus.

Washington LRT riders band together to end a woman's annoying cell phone call

Your Monday Morning "NO"

From @gooverheard on Instagram

Sunday, August 17, 2014

This better work

Well kiddos, what you see below is a screenshot of scheduled posts for the week. Blogger screwed me over with scheduled posts a few months ago, but I'm a sucker for punishment I guess, because I'm willing to give it another shot.

Posting everyday is a pain in the boob. It's better if I plan out your weekly entertainment.

I have more content. I need to pace myself.