Friday, May 20, 2016

Did you know that the bi-level part of GO train coaches is the "semi-Quiet Zone"? -- Me neither

I despise sitting on the lower level of the GO train because it's a goddamn free for all of chatty Cathys, obnoxious ring tones and chat message pings, people who project their personal phone calls and others who think of all us find their grandstanding and guffawing enjoyable to watch.

No. We don't.

I feel great sympathy for those, who, because of being unable to manage stairs, are stuck on the lower level at rush hour with these assholes. There's no escape.

I can make my way up to the Quiet Zone but I have to be very cautious on stairs while my hamstring heals. This morning I decided to only go up to the middle level.

There was a couple sitting behind me, near the door to the next coach, who were laughing and carrying on with no fucks given that it's 7 am. The long weekend had clearly started for them.

I had my music cranked to drown them out.

At some point during the train ride, this woman came charging down the stairs, angry as all hell and told them both to shut up and asked if they knew that part of the train was the semi-Quiet Zone.

Words were exchanged, and when she stormed back upstairs (to no applause -- I know, shocking) this couple decided to move closer to the stairs (now standing) and continue their conversation, louder than before and with more shrill laughter.

I seriously thought an all-out brawl was going to happen.

One guy did tell them they were behaving like grade schoolers.

These were grown-ass adults. Nice work.

I admit, I kept my mouth shut for this one. I felt the woman did a great job. She spoke up. ALL THE APPLAUSE!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

ICYMI: Laskeshore East proposal

So some guy was watching this on the train this morning on his 21 inch laptop

He might as well been carrying a television around as far as I was concerned.
What a ridiculous movie.

Oh, and before I forget, it was an Asus® latop. Gotta keep those advertising cheques rolling in!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Oh look! A person with a cane struggling to open a door is inviting us all through - hurry up!

You know how Union Station has that big ramp area that goes up to a bank of doors, of which there are nine?

I made my way gingerly up the ramp, summoned up more strength to push open ONE FUCKING DOOR when all of a sudden, I had a line of people behind me impatiently waiting to follow me out.


I literally threw a temper tantrum. Cane was flailing. I was yelling. No one was safe.

I am totally renting a mobility scooter. It's time to start mowing people down.

God DAMN I *wish* I could take credit for this one

It's a no from me