Thursday, July 20, 2017

Oshawa GO throwin' some serious shade at Burlington GO

Progress on the new Oshawa GO Station (which is really a new VIA station because that's what it will be in 40 years when GO train service finally comes to Bowmanville) is coming along smoothly. I'm amazed, actually, at the pace of construction.

I mean, the Oshawa station had a roof in 8 months. Burlington waited almost 3 years (and I still am not sure if the roof is complete). The engineering marvel that is Oshawa GO is surely going to garnish some construction excellence nominations.

Yesterday I noticed that raised flower beds had been built. Isn't it nice that the architect thought about how the smokers will need a place to sit? I can't wait for the cigarette butt garden.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Guyz, I think the blog is dying...

Readership is still there but I'm not sure where to take this. All the action is on Twitter.

Before Twitter, this blog was my Twitter.

The most popular pet peeve and email topic from readers is foot riding. I could fill this blog with photos and photos of foot riding. In my opinion, the problem is worse than ever before. You only need to look at the condition of the fabric of your morning GO train to see how awful it is. Seven years ago I figured we could shame the problem away. It's just not happening.

The grossest thing I witnessed was Monday evening. I wasn't fast enough with my phone to get a photo as the Stouffville train pulled out of Union, but it was a woman, sitting sideways in a quad, with her bare feet on the window pane. The souls of her feet were black. I shudder to think if she washed them before bed.

Over 900km and still rolling

I pulled off an impressive 43.88 km on Sunday morning...

I'm still maintaining a 20 pound loss. I'm fighting a low metabolic rate, hormones, PCOS, age and poor sleeping habits, so managing a 20 pound loss and keeping it there is all I'm focused on at the moment. It would be nice if the scale would move, but that means 1,200 calories a day with a 1,500 caloric burn. Frankly, I don't have that kind of dedication or time. The good news is my doctor is referring me to a bariatric program that is funded by OHIP. I have so many questions and I'm hoping I get good answers!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

You ready to pay more for this come September?! It's bad enough we've got coaches without functioning A/C, now this

Still a better love story then the New York subway?
I guess...

Friday, July 7, 2017

Automated announcements survey? No, what I want, are schedules...

Message body

He's lucky I didn't witness it to give him a boot up the arse