Friday, November 21, 2014

Florida's "GO trains" have tables

Sun Rail runs the same locos and coaches as GO Transit, which are manufactured by Bombardier.

Them bitches got tables. Tables!

Buffalo fans of share their pics

Our friends south of us don't get their transit system back til Monday ... maybe Tuesday...

I like how the bus states the obvious.

So this exists on commuter trains in Galway, Ireland

Transit advocates pushing for affordable fares on Union-Pearson air rail link

Our Union Pearson Coalition is planning a series of rallies and canvassing events right up until Dec. 11, when Metrolinx is expected to officially announce the fare levels for the four-stop rail service offering rapid trips between Terminal One of Pearson International Airport and Union Station, beginning in the spring of 2015.

It’s been speculated fares will cost between $20 and $30 for a regular one-way trip traveling the full length of the line. In recent months Metrolinx officials have publicly stated there’s room for “alternative” pricing.

That’s not good enough for coalition spokesperson Jessica Bell, who said Thursday, Nov. 6 all UP fares should be fixed at the level of TTC cash fares: around $3 per trip.

“It’s outrageous,” said Bell, who is also chair of the transit advocacy group TTCriders. “What we don’t understand is why would you take this massive 23-kilometre line and turn it into a service for just the One Percent.”

“Why should we be paying 20 or 30 dollars when it should be a true transit line?”


Metrolinx's UP Express to use American firm's app to accept mobile payments (you mean PRESTO can't support mobile payments?!)

Toronto’s new airport line will be using a mobile ticketing app when it opens next year.

The Union Pearson Express will be using an app from New York-based Bytemark, which lets passengers buy and present tickets using their smart phones, in a move targeting visitors to the city.


Is arriving at Toronto's Union Station from Kitchener by GO train seven minutes sooner worth $900 million?

Electrifying the GO train line between Kitchener and Toronto — something the Liberals have promised to do within the next 10 years at great cost — would save only seven minutes of travel time each way and cost $800 to $900 million in 2010 dollars, according to a report completed by Metrolinx.

To shorten the travel time on the Kitchener line by more than seven minutes, GO Transit president Greg Percy told Metrolinx's board of directors in September that the agency will need to add a new rail track parallel to the existing one and work with CN Rail to co-ordinate boosted train service.


What's with this aversion to opening doors all of a sudden?!


For your Friday night train ride home

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Battle of the taxi companies plays out over a payphone at Whitby GO Station

Train passengers in Buenos Aires jumped from a MOVING TRAIN yesterday after it caught fire

I know this morning's delays on the Richmond Hill and Lakeshore East lines were hella annoying, with mechanical failures and a missing foreman, but at least none of the trains CAUGHT FIRE.


This exists? Boston area commuter rail company fined for late service

The operator of the MBTA’s commuter rail service has been fined $804,000 for late trains and other performance issues, including station and train cleanliness, according to transit officials.

“After four months of running MBTA commuter rail, October was a disappointing month for Keolis and our passengers, but we’re determined to improve,” said Mac Daniel, a Keolis spokesman.

The MBTA levied fines of $434,000 for inadequate on-time performance, which dipped to 85 percent in October, and also fined the company $370,000 for inadequate fare collection, staffing, cleanliness, and lighting failures during the past four months.


So this is really happening

Go home engineering, contractor-type guy from PRESTO. You're drunk

This is a big pet peeve for a lot of GO commuters (TomW sent in this pic) and a big one of mine, PRESTO machines that are too close together which causes the biggest body traffic jam during the morning rush.

Worst are the machines at Oshawa that bookend the Metro and 24 newspaper boxes. So many people wind up slamming into those reaching for papers. It's ridiculous.

I don't know who thought this was a good idea but it sucks.

Because everybody needs to "get around" ...

Where everybody knows your name

Riding the train these days is like my own personal Cheers bar.

You know my name. I just don't know yours. And I still, STILL, don't know how to react when you ask me if I'm that girl with the website.

Anyhow, I want to thank the woman on the train next to me this morning who said hi and told me how my site helps her deal with her commuter rage. It makes my day to know my site makes your day.

I'm sorry I didn't ask you your name.

Eglinton GO Station Parking Donkey

Not to be outdone by the donkeys at Rouge Hill, this person in .... in ... is that ... is that a YARIS??? I could park that thing between two Presto machines with my eyes closed and still stay between the lines.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Kantar Worldpanel study reveals our time-wasting activities as commuters vary according to method of transport we use

But what exactly do we do with the time?

Turns out it really depends on what kind of commuter you are.

Subway folk are more likely to have their nose in a book or newspaper and are more likely to drown out fellow passengers with music.

Bus passengers like to talk and text - a lot, which makes you the most popular person on the bus.

According to this article, bus passengers are the least likely to bring work on-board with them.

Commuter train passengers like to pass the time playing games. This is totally me. I Angry Bird for most of my train rides.

For the full story, with graphs! Click here.

Um .... no, I did *not* hear about this > Ohio man found on fire on top of Connecticut commuter train

Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) officials said the man was found on fire on top of a Metro-North train shortly after 5am on Sunday (November 9, 2014) in Greenwich.

Crew members were trying to figure out why the train lost power when they found him.

The MTA identified the hospitalised man as Brian McClellen.


Unfortunately, this happened > Aspiring actor dies after catching fire atop commuter train

GO looks at a quieter ride on Montreal's electric commuter train

A Yeti rides the TTC subway

Thanks to Valentino for the pic!

I'd wait til my stop and then karate chop his knee before bolting from the train

Because you asked about Train 48

No, really. People do.

I never watched the show but it appears to have a cult following because I get the occasional email from "fans" (seriously, they exist) if I know how to purchase the video catalogue. Nope.

Blog,TO did a write up about the show and although it's interesting, I'm still not interested.

Monday, November 17, 2014

The horrible rage you feel towards anyone munching celery, an apple or carrots on the train is a legit medical condition

Do you feel vindicated?

My husband can't eat an apple near me. The sound makes me want to karate chop him in the the throat. This weekend we discovered there is a name for this rage - Misophonia.

Misophonia means "hatred of sound." I know, it's not hatred of people which many of you feel some days towards fellow commuters.

According to the Academic Medical Center (AMC) in Amsterdam, sufferers of misophonia have feelings of disgust, anger, or frustration brought on by certain sounds. The AMC describes the reviled sounds as typically innocent ones like chewing or heavy breathing.

This website explains more AND has videos of the sounds of people chewing the foods that drive others crazy.


Friday, November 14, 2014

How to be civil in the Quiet Zone - 12 things to know

This morning's situation STILL irks me, so on my lunch hour, I wrote out some rules for GO Train etiquette.

The Quiet Zone is not the Dead Zone, but there are things that people do that can be an annoyance on the train or on any form of public transit - quiet zone or no quiet zone:
  1. If you want to eat - go ahead. If you want to eat anything that requires you to dig deep down into anything plastic, paper or cellophane - consider fasting for the rest of your journey home. No one wants to listen to your incessant crinkling. No one.

  2. Care to read the newspaper - fantastic! Do you need to snap the page after every turn?! Consider buying a tablet and read the paper electronically. No one wants to listen to your furious paper abuse.

  3. Listening to Metallica? Pantera? Maybe you're into Death Metal? Guess what? I'm not. So I don't want to hear it. Turn it down.

  4. Listening to anything, or playing a game, without headphones? GET OFF THE TRAIN.

  5. Working on a crossword? Holy hell, #19 down is hard, huh? Clicking your pen at 80 km/hr probably helps you concentrate better, but it makes me want to take your pen and stab you in the ear with it. Just don't.

  6. "WATCHA GONNA DO WITH DAT BIG FAT BUTT?!" Oh, is that your ring tone? How about you put your phone on vibrate?

  7. Your phone is ringing. ANSWER IT. Don't sit there and pretend it's not your's because you forgot to turn it off, or put it on vibrate, and you're stuck in the Quiet Zone and don't want to be "THAT PERSON". ANSWER. YOUR. PHONE. Especially if your ring tone has anything to do with fat butts.

  8. If your phone rings - go ahead and answer it. Listen to who the person is on the other end and respond accordingly. If it's your child calling, crying, because they vomited all over the kitchen floor, tell your kid to hang on and tell your quad mates, apologetically, that you have to take this call and that your kid is sick. People are surprisingly sympathetic when other people are GRACIOUS. Did you get that? GRACIOUS. This also works if you get a surprise call from your Chicago office about an AWOL cable installer. Rather than launch into a loud, hysterical conversation asking how much vomit there is, giving directions for where the mop can be found, what towels should not be used, etc., give your fellow commuters a heads-up. Vomit happens. We get it. If it's the roofer wanting to ask some questions about your house because you submitted a request online for a quote, well shit, that conversation can wait until you get off the train. There used to be a time when people would phone your number, get an answering machine, because you weren't home yet, because you were on a train, and they would leave a message. I know, right? WHAT VOODOO IS THIS? Voicemail is a wonderful thing. People need to embrace it.

  9. Need to make an urgent conference call? GO. DOWN. STAIRS. Better yet, go to the toilet. And stay there.

  10. Typing a text message? Wait ... how is this annoying, let alone a disturbance? (Chuckle) It is if you've left your phone's keypad tone enabled. SHUT IT OFF. I had an iPhone user next to me on the train this past summer who was painstakingly typing out her grocery list one letter at a time. I couldn't take it. It was torture. So I asked her to turn off her keypad sound. She didn't know how to do it so I did it for her. Then she asked why it makes a sound in the first place. That's a good question. Anyone care to answer that?

  11. Chatting by text? In rapid succession? TURN OFF THE VOLUME ON YOUR PHONE. We all don't need to know you're enjoying a rowdy text conversation. We don't need to hear your pings, your bells, your chimes, your whistles, or your "uh-oh"s circa 1998 in an ICQ chat window.

  12. Is your friend on the train with you? Are you both pumped about the latest issue of Canadian Living and need to discuss - at length - the recipe featured on the cover? Sounds delicious but please, SIT DOWNSTAIRS.
Did I miss anything?  Let me know in the comments.

Safety breach on the TTC: Subway power rail went live before evacuation was complete

Psst! Your banana is showing

from: CB
date: Fri, Nov 14, 2014 at 8:08 AM

You may use the attached photo for your site if you like. Not sure if the quality is good enough, it was dark last night on my ride. But the point I'd love for you to make is that particularly on buses, this sight is all too familiar. Banana peels, coffee cups, fast food containers... rather than take their refuse with them, too many passengers think its okay to stuff their garbage in the mesh webbing at the back of a chair and leave it for GO staff to clean up. But there's a good chance that it's going to sit there all day. It's unsightly, can smell and is just plain rude. Yes, Go Transit has cleaners, who likely vacuum and sweep the seats. They're not your personal maid paid to clean up after you.

This morning I broke up a fight in the Quiet Zone and now I have to move and switch corridors

Just kidding. Although the person did snap off a pic of me, I have no idea what for, so if you see WANTED posters Monday morning in the Union GO Concourse - now you know.

I couldn't help myself. If I see a person in need, I'll jump in. It's what I do.

It all started around Ajax on the 7:15 train that originates in Oshawa. Some guy in a suit answered his phone, suggested two other people get patched in (not sure if he was in a motorcycle gang or I just watch too much Sons of Anarchy) and did the one thing any GO commuter, in a Quiet Zone or not, hates - he put his call on SPEAKER.

I was watching "Let's Be Cops" on my phone. I was sitting opposite of him and I heard everything over the sound of my movie. The lady next to me? NOT IMPRESSED.

She gave it until Pickering before she leaned over and tapped his knee and told him he should take his call downstairs. He waved his hand at her with an annoyed look on his face and shifted in his seat so he was facing the aisle. The call was about Chicago and some sort of office move. It seems Raj didn't come in with the cabling system like he promised he would at 5 am this morning, and Bettina is waiting in reception for him and she's mad.

You know who else is mad? The lady beside me.

She got up and excused herself to move past me and stepped into the aisle. She asked the man to end the call. She wasn't the only person annoyed but she was the only person willing to say anything about it.

I had paused my movie and sat there waiting for the moment when I would step in. The guy told the people on the line with him he'd call them back when he got into the city. He made a dramatic point of pressing the end button on his phone. This is when I clapped my hands really loud and fast for a few seconds and said, "Thank you!" Around me a few people chuckled and others squirmed uncomfortably.

He stood up so he and the woman were now face to face in the aisle. Yep - this is my cue! I stood up and got between the woman and the man. I told the guy to calm down. At one point, he said to her, "You know, you people, you think you can just say what you want." How do I put this into context as to why the way he said, "You people" was offensive? I'll just leave that to how you want to interpret it because many of you are very smart.

Someone called out that we should "take it outside" - ha ha ha, very funny.

I said to the woman we should go downstairs and we left, but of course, this guy had to get his 50 cents in and called us bitches as we walked down the stairs. Charming, right?

At Union, my new BFF thanked me again for coming to her defense and I exited the train. I stood on the platform for a few moments to adjust the cuff of my jeans. I was interrupted by a tap on my back. When I stood up, it was office move douche who shoved his phone in my face and took my picture. "Thanks," he said, "I'll need that for later." And he sauntered off. It caught me off guard so I had no time to react.

"Need that for later?" For what? Twitter? Facebook? The six o'clock news?