Friday, April 17, 2015


I'm penciling in 2024 for a train to Bowmanville in my calendar but first up, Barrie gets more service

And cannnnnnnnn youuuuuuuu fe-eeeeeel the luh-uvvvvvvve tonight?

date:Thu, Apr 16, 2015 at 2:25 PM
subject:No longer a fan, sorry

I am really dissapointed in you that you decided that you are above those of us who are generally upset and concerned about the dangers of moving those of us who ride the Lakeshore East to platforms 24 to 27 and cramming us in with the Stouffville people. This many people on one platform is incredibly dangerous and last night people were standing on the tracks. Someone will get killed. Mark my words!!! And that's not funny. 

I was shocked when you actually found that laughable on your site. This is a legitimate concern of mine and several others. I know I am not alone in my thinking because I follow you on Twitter and you're comments about hugging it out were cruel, mean and demeaning. You weren't helping anyone. You were simply empowering Go Transit and enabling them to believe they know what's best when clearly, they don't know anything. Standing in the stairwell for 18 minutes waiting to board the 5:20 pm train was ridiculous. 

No one at GO Transit will tell us why it was necessary to move us all around. None of it makes sense as none of the platforms are closed. But they took the largest group of passengers and put us on the most narrowest platform. What is the logic for this? And didn't anyone at least count how many people board a train? 

I feel very let down by you. I feel you need to ridicule those of us because our concerns don't align with yours.


from:Cindy (Cj) Smith
date:Fri, Apr 17, 2015 at 7:25 AM
subject:Re: No longer a fan, sorry


Thank you for reaching out to me. I'm not going to comment on your concerns because I think it's too early to pull out the Consumer Distributing catalogue just yet on this. It's only been two days and at the time of your email - one day. 

Last night, a police investigation resulted in mass hysteria and train delays of up to 20 minutes on the LSW and LSE, and I truly was "hugging it out" with other passengers whose nights were made stressful because of the late trains and missed commitments -- these are situations I can relate to. What I can't relate to are people who don't get it together, don't plan, aren't organized, are self-entitled and quite simply, act like spoiled adults.

Before 25, 25, 26 and 27 were designated to the LSE, this was the Milton platform. Thousands of people commute to and from Milton. These same passengers also only have nine "peak service" trains available to them. The LSE has 13. As an LSE passenger, I am mindful that other commuters aren't so lucky. Furthermore, these Milton passengers somehow managed to make those platforms work. However, you will be happy to know that I've been in touch with Metrolinx and GO Transit staff and the LSE platform will be monitored to validate the concerns being expressed. I just want to point out that no one who was on the Milton line when it departed from those platforms was ever killed at track level.

I still feel that part of the rage is due to the fact that people find comfort in familiarity and change is hard, especially for those who "auto-pilot" it to the station. People were offended by this analogy. But, it's my opinion, so I'm sticking with it. I had no trouble Wednesday night getting to the 4:53 or on the 4:53. That's all I experienced.

You said you waited 18 minutes to board the 5:20 train. The 5:20 leaves from 25 and 26. The 5:10 train leaves from 24 and so does the 4:53. I have no idea why you would have been bottle-necked for the 5:20 which leaves from two platforms. Why didn't you take the 5:10? You showed up at 4:58?


Note to self: if bringing Swiffer WetJet cleaning pads to work on the GO train, do not remove them from purse

We have a Swiffer for the kitchen at work, so I figured I'd bring them in.

I took five of them out of my bag this morning to rearrange them when I caught the horrified look on the face of the man sitting across from me.

I looked down at my bag and then looked up at him again. He quickly looked away and then it dawned on me...

Jesus Christ. Did he think they were maxipads?! Gigantic maxipads?!

He wouldn't look at me for the rest of the train ride and bolted from his seat once we were just outside Union.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think so.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mission accomplished

Change is hard. SO MUCH BUTTHURT

Last night was incredible, wasn't it?

I guess I was one of the lucky few LSE'rs familiar with platform 24. I knew which stairwell to take to get me to the part of the train I needed.

Others? Not so much.

Because of a lot of you are blocked from Twitter at work, I won't embed the tweets of hilarity, self-entitlement, butthurt, rage and sorrow.

As I said in one of my tweets, "Trollin' ... trollin' down a river ... of tears being wept by passengers who can't handle being told "No"."

People were PISSED about being moved to a different platform. Others demanded answers from GO Transit's Twitter team for why this was happening.

I posted this in response.

Some people laughed. Others just got angrier, especially those moved to 12/13. There were cries of protest about how narrow the platform is; that people "were arm to arm like sardines".

Anyone who is an LSE or LSW passenger knows we made these platforms work for us for years. The problem was that people went up the stairwell they were guided to by the CSRs in the Concourse ... and then stayed there. Nobody moved. No one thought, hey, maybe I should move down or up. People will eventually get it. By tomorrow, you'll all be pros at this. I swear.

There were accusations hurled at GO Transit's Twitter team that people were going to die. I lol'd. Meanwhile, in some foreign country, a mother just walked five kilometres in search of fresh water for her children.

Union Station is over 100 years old. It was never built for the crowds it now holds. Progress is being made to fix that. Aside from that, how else can the train shed cover be finished? Aren't you all tired of being rained on? Snowed on? 

It will get better soon.

Will you tell people on your GO train site that today is my birthday?


But don't expect any presents, kid.

She's now 10!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

This was email was so left field (see what I did there?)

from:Blue Jays Fan Whose Email Bounced Back So I Was Unable To Deal
date:Tue, Apr 14, 2015 at 5:03 PM

I am SO SORRY THAT IT BOTHERED YOU that me and my friends were chanting GO JAYS GO on the train ride last night. I AM SO SORRY THAT YOU HAVE NO TEAM SPIRIT or can't find in you THE DESIRE to support people who pay good money to support a franchise that denerates BILLIONS of DOLLARS in tourism money for tdot and I don't even LIVE in tdot!!!! I'm just a DIEHARD FAN who bleeds blue and white. MAYBE YOU SHOULD JUST DRIVE. Fans get PUMPED when they are going to a game. It's what makes LIFE worth LIVING for some. What are you into? BADMINTON? CHESS? No one asked you to sit where you sat so GET UP and MOVE if you don't like it!!!!

Here's what's interesting about his email, aside from the fact that the email address ( didn't work -- I don't think it was meant for me.

I don't blog about baseball. I've never tweeted or instagrammed or written about Blue Jay fans, at least not about chanting, and not in any manner that would trigger this response -- not even recently. 

The only thing I can think of is someone is using my email address to troll people on the Internet.

Here's what Jazmin Diamond, LLC has to say about it.

In fact, she doesn't have to say anything.

Her look says it all.




Tuesday, April 14, 2015

According to passengers, it was a tough night, so thanks guys!

Make sure you take a knife and dig out the clotted blood and other things you shouldn't talk about on a train, especially in the Quiet Zone

Friday night, as the 4:53 pm train rolled out of Union, this woman who had rushed upstairs within minutes of departure was still settling in her seat, rummaging around in her half a dozen bags, undressing herself, and blowing air out of her mouth. Tough day, I thought. We've all been there honey.

Suddenly, she pulls out her iPhone from her beneath her blouse, pushes her glasses down to the end of her nose, holds her iPhone at arms length away from her, and dramatically dials a number. Around her, people begin to squirm.

Remember that one high school teacher we all had with the incredible booming voice? The one that could be heard across a busy parking lot, with a streetcar rumbling by, and some guys in a 5.0 blasting some Stevie B., as she hollered at you and your friends to get your butts back into class?

She was on my train.

"Hello? Honey?" She boomed into her phone.


"Yes. Yes!!! I'm on the 4:53. That's right! What's that?"


"Yes, that's right!" She nods emphatically.


"Okay. Splendid! Oh, honey? Make sure you take a knife and dig out the clotted blood, okay?"


"No, use the knife my mother left us. The one with the white handle."


"Make sure to dig it all out and leave it all in the sink, okay?"


"You know I don't like that," she says sternly.

"And oh... make sure it puts the lotion on the skin."

(She didn't really say that last sentence, but she might as well have.)

"Okay... Yes ... I love you, too. See you soon!"

She hangs up.

The reactions from people around her and myself were hysterical. One lady looked like she wanted to blow chunks. The over-enunciated phone call could be heard three coaches over. I think even the CSA heard about the carnage that was about to go down in this lady's home.

I whispered to the man beside me, who looked far from amused.

"I hope to God she's talking about chicken."

Here are some other things you shouldn't talk about on a train:

1. Your plans to give up your unborn child to Children's Aid if it's born with "anything wrong with it".
2. The bottle of wine you stole from your boss' cabinet.
3. Your daughter's first period and how "she put the pad on sticky side up".
4. Jews and their "thousands of holidays off work when they're probably out golfing".
5. Leaving your baby alone for a few hours so you can get some grocery shopping done.
6. The affair you had but you won't leave your husband because at least your kids "will have a dad in the house".
7. Any test result from your doctor.
8. Describing your son's recent circumcision.
9. Bragging about how you never buy a ticket for the train.
10. The result of your latest pregnancy test and when you and your husband will "do it" again.

Items in bold are conversations I have personally overheard over the years. The others are conversations others have relayed to me via Twitter or text message that they've been witnessed to.

Monday, April 13, 2015

I know this feeling all too well. At least I kept my car straight ...

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Invalid PRESTO card is indeed valid - anyone else experienced this? Shoot me an email

to:CJ Smith
date:Fri, Apr 10, 2015 at 10:18 PM
subject:My second Presto problem

Hey Cj, LLM here.
Normally presto has been very good to me if you don't count that $100 issue I had with them awhile back but you do and so do I, so I am now encountering my second problem with them. 
On the 9th (of April), I needed to travel to Exhibition Station which is one half of my default trip, the other is Port Credit.
At Port Credit, I tapped my card with no issues and boarded the train, but on my way back, my train was just a few minutes away and I needed to get to platform one at Exhibition station, so I bypassed the machines on platform four to tap one of the machines on the opposite platform so I didn't miss my train
All the machines I tapped my card at on the platform one side read 'invalid card' when I did, which I found odd seeing as I had no problem whatsoever at Port Credit.
Now, I took my chances, and boarded the train anyways hoping that if I was asked for my card, it would show that I at least tried to tap my card. No check took place so I didn't get that proof.
Out of curiosity I went to the Presto facebook page to see if anyone else had encountered this and to ask about it. No one had and presto wasn't any help.
First they said I might have been within the travel window, and not charged for my return trip,  and included a link to the presto faq.
When I said that made a little sense but still didn't explain why the machines read 'invalid card' when I tapped on at the start of my ride?
I know my card isn't invalid because it worked when I tapped at Port Credit and I know at least one of the machines I used was working for other people.
I just wanted to know why this happened?
Biting my tongue. Sitting on my hands ... won't say it ... (-Cj)

See! I'm not the *only* one who asks the same question (over, and over, and over, and over again)

I'm pretty sure that sign says means "No Parking". I think those diagonal pavement markings mean the same

Saw of a few of these myself this morning. These are the ones who bitch on Twitter about the heat in the coaches on the ride home

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New bus schedules and new drivers

After the issues with Route 90 between October and March, my route was revamped with a new schedule for my travel window beginning April 11.

When my bus arrived this morning, it was awesome to be greeted by one my favourite operators. We arrived at the station on time, and those of us who like to run for the 7:15 from Oshawa had time to hoof it, while others waited for the 7:28. These are the folks who like to grab a coffee, etc.

Everybody wins!