Friday, August 28, 2015

Doods... I'm taking a vacation - offline til Sept 8

My daughter has decided a visit to Morrisburg and Kingston were in order, so that's what we'll be doing as well as spending a few days at my sister's cottage in Tiny.
I haven't been posting as much as I normally do this summer and part of it was work-related, and also because I've been spending most of my free time cycling. This month I have cycled a total of 321 kilometres! Tomorrow I am planning to do a 35 km ride, non-stop, because I will be spending my afternoon eating bacon at the Bacon, Beer and Cider Festival in Bowmanville with Bicky.
Behave yourselves, kids!

So this just happened to my cousin

Sometimes when you're on the subway you see cool stuff like this!! #thehighstreets

Posted by Monica Kelly on Friday, August 28, 2015

A trip to Toronto in 1974 - interior shots of Union Station at the 7:49 mark

Douchebags of the GO, I have found your King!

This LSW train was boarding when this guy showed up and claimed this quad as his own, writes AL, using his bike as a barrier. When he was done each section of his newspaper, he tossed each one over his seat despite the fact that someone was sitting in the quad behind him.

He never moved. He didn't care.


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Another rush hour ride home, another Quiet Zone story

This one comes to us from Stef who rides the LSE.

A father and his two daughters board at Union, along with two very large Minions I presume were won as prizes from some midway ghetto game and head upstairs. Dad decides that each Minion gets a seat so he puts the two of them side by side in a quad and then he and one daughter sit opposite of them, and the other daughter wondered off downstairs.

As you know CJ, the LSE can get quite full, especially the 4:07 pm train, which I was on. People are boarding and giving the WTF look as they look for seats, but no one is asking dad to move the minions. Both he and his daughter have their noses deep into their iPhones.

It's now 4:03 pm and it's becoming standing room only and the Quiet Zone is now full. The Minions still have their seats and at 4:05 pm, a very pregnant lady makes her way upstairs. She surveys the seats and her eyes zero in on the Minions. She makes a face and starts to walk down the aisle towards the quad. The doors are closing message is made and she stands right beside the seats with the Minions and stares at the dad. He's busy looking at his phone. His daughter is playing some game, no headphones, that's making all kinds of blips and bleeps. She looks up. The pregnant lady looks at her. The daughter goes back to her game.

The pregnant lady then asks, loud enough that I can hear her from where I'm sitting, if the Minions have tickets for the seats. The dad looks up. "Pardon?" He asks.

"Did you buy tickets for your guests, here," she asks him. He looks at the Minions. "Uh... no..."

The pregnant lady then leans forward, grabs a Minion and sits down. She passes the Minion to the dad. He takes it from her with an incredulous look on his face.

"Relax," he says to her. "It's been a long day for us and we're getting off at Danforth, so you don't need to be rude," he says, roughly putting the Minion on the floor.

Pregnant lady ignores him as she adjusts herself and looks in her purse.

"Did you hear what I said?" The Dad asks her. His daughter tells him to be quiet. He tells her to be quiet.

Pregnant lady puts in her earbuds.

"I don't care about your long day, your feelings, or your soon to be landfill prize. Please don't talk to me anymore." Pregnant lady says to him and she closes her eyes.

Dad was STEAMING. He starts griping to any one of us who will listen, so finally I said, "Sir, this is the Quiet Zone. If you want to continue your tantrum, you can go downstairs."

He doesn't quit. As we approach Danforth, he tells the whole coach what a bunch of "fucking losers" we are and he huffs his way down the stairs with his carnival prizes, and yells out for the other daughter to get over to where he is.

Stay classy.

Why does anyone need notifications if you're looking at your phone?

In this day and age, with people checking their phones several times in an hour, why do you need sound?

I don't use it. Don't need it. It's annoying. Especially when the person texting is staring at her phone and reading the messages and responding to the messages as they come in.




Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Don't hit your brother! EAT ALL OF THE POPCORN! Don't hit your brother! EAT ALL OF THE POPCORN! Slap! Slap! Slap!

Once again, last night, a parent trudged his way up to the Quiet Zone with two kids, acknowledged aloud to the kids it was the Quiet Zone and sat down in two seats by the window near myself and a Twitter friend of mine (@LoudMouthSoup).

One kid sat on the dad's lap. The other kid bounced, and danced, and wiggled, and fidgeted, and sang, and ate popcorn, and sang, and whined, and kicked his brother, and jumped, and ate popcorn, and SLAPPED HIS FATHER (multiple times) and kicked his brother some more while dad kept saying, "If you don't shut up, we're going to be kicked off the train!" and "If you don't sit still, we're going to get in trouble!"

This was punctuated with SHHH! and BE QUIET! and WILL YOU STOP?! and SIT DOWN! and DON'T HIT YOUR BROTHER! and followed by the dad slapping the kid on the leg and the kid slapping his dad back.

It was the slapping part that really threw myself and my Twitter friend. It's not something you see these days - a parent slapping a child, and so openly. I was also disturbed by the how the kid violently kicked his brother and also slapped his dad. As a kid, we were slapped but we never, EVER, slapped back. I wouldn't dare...

As a result, I don't slap my daughter as punishment. I didn't like it myself as a kid and so I don't do it to my child.

Today, I feel like I should have said something. Watching a kid and a parent get physical is just disturbing and also, I don't feel myself and other passengers should have been subjected to it.