Thursday, March 5, 2015

Just waiting for the GO bus, and oh, what's on sale you say?

Goat mimics what bag riders say when we ask them if their bag bought a ticket for the seat it's on

I'm also the girl on the train reading The Girl on the Train

I'm a girl on the train reading the girl on the train �� #reading #thegirlonthetrain #gotrain

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Caption this?

Ontario foot riders!!! Holla at your west coast homies!

Metrolinx can't even enforce no smoking bylaws but they're going to curb a gang of pigeon feeders?!

High-riding pigeons dump on bikes at Finch GO station

If pigeons were half as smart as some people think, they’d be choosier about where they do their business. And when people who aren’t much smarter than birds drop feed for them in the wrong places, everything under their perch is sure to be slathered with repulsive droppings. Pigeons are thought to be pretty sharp. We…

Let me guess! Someone missed the doors not opening at Pickering announcements!

Rage at the 90A

Being at the mercy of a bus schedule that is unreliable in the morning is starting to take its toll on me.

Receiving an email from GO Transit advising me to essentially get up at 4:45 am and make my way to a 6:10 am bus to solve the problem just pushed me right over the edge.

I'm restraining myself from telling people where to go and how to get there.

Honestly, tears are stinging my eyes because the frustration has boiled over to a point where for some reason, I've made myself feel I'm the sole person responsible for getting this shit with the 90A bus fixed.

It's not so much as needing to connect to the 7:28 train and relying on the two minutes we get when the bus actually arrives at its scheduled time of 7:13 at Oshawa GO to catch the 7:15 train, but witnessing what this bullshit is doing to the passengers I ride with.

One has left and returned to her car so she can get to Ajax to work on time because the 6:18 to 7:13 90A route constantly misses the connecting GO bus that travels past Stevenson (I think she said Route 96). Another lady is taking a taxi three days a week to Laval Drive and Stevenson Road so she can catch a connecting bus.



Yesterday, my driver was nine minutes late. We arrived at the station at 7:17. GO shrugged a big "who the fuck cares" because this route is designed to catch the 7:28, so GOLD STARS! Right? The driver has been late to my stop every day this week!

But for the previous two weeks she was ON TIME. AT EACH STOP. EVERY DAY!


This bus has a paddle. I don't know what the hell a paddle was but in discussions with another driver, it's code for scheduled arrival times at stops. This driver swore to me the paddle is gospel. Local bus connections and GO bus connections are structured around this paddle. If a driver can't keep a paddle, it screws up the route. People miss connecting buses or people are left standing in the cold for eight to 10 minutes longer than necessary.

Maybe it's the stress at work. Maybe it's the fact that this has upset my routine. Maybe it's the fact that I care too much, but I don't understand why this bothers me so much. Maybe it's because I expect the service to work.

So, three questions still remain:
  1. Why can't the driver stay on time?  (Already asked)
  2. Why can't Metrolinx provide heated bus shelters?
  3. Why aren't Greg Percy et al out there with me gaining "valuable insights into the GO customer experience".

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

We lost the privelege of having a guest ride for free on weekends when GO introduced PRESTO so fare is fair

Metrolinx staff still rides GO for free, but plus-one provision eliminated

Metrolinx employees will continue to ride GO Transit for free, but they’ll no longer be able to bring a guest after the provincial agency's board voted to amend its employee pass policy on Tuesday. While it's common for transit agencies, including the TTC, to allow employees to ride for free, the plus-one provision of the Metrolinx…

GO Transit bus driver charged with careless driving after fatal crash on Highway 407

Donald Bruce Crombie, 66, was driving the bus at the time of the accident, the Ontario Provincial Police said in a press release Monday.

Crombie had 15 years of experience driving buses, GO Transit officials said at the time.

Police said the bus collided with a steel guard rail on the right side of the highway for “unknown reasons” shortly after 10 p.m. on Jan. 14.

Full story at Global

Today's burning question

to:"C. J. Smith"
date:Fri, Feb 27, 2015 at 5:35 PM
subject:5:37 LSW express

Does the GIANT FUCKING SUITCASE get a passenger discount?

And for the record, no one asked this guy to move his suitcase and people chose to stand rather than speak up.

I did not expect LA to say anything. LA won't. I don't blame him.

Sometimes it's not worth the blast of self-entitled excuses that are hurled back at you.

Be an adult and put your bag on the floor.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Only a thousand stickers sold for Danforth GO access via Metropass? And guess what? GO was slower than TTC

Did you notice the number on the GO sticker on the Metropass in this video?

Check out this report by CTV News.

Two CTV reporters attempt to get to Union from the east and the west end of the city using GO Transit and comparing the time of travel to the TTC.

Metrolinx perk "business as usual" - Toronto Sun report

I thought the controversial part was the fact employees could bring a guest along for free - without restrictions?

Metrolinx told employees they could continue riding GO Transit for free even though the province promised to review the controversial perk.

Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca ordered the agency to re-evaluate the policy after media began to ask questions about the benefit, which could save an employee thousands of dollars a year at a time when fares are increasing for regular riders. Under the rules, employees are allowed to ride alone, or with a guest, for free.

The results of that review are expected to be presented at Metrolinx board of directors meeting Tuesday.


Reason #102 why we can't have nice things

Reason #249 why we can't have nice things

Not a good start to the weekend. #GoTransit #ParkingLot #Meadowvale

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The Milton line should be renamed the "Still"ton line

This has been the worst winter on record for passengers who travel the Milton corridor.

Trains were delayed 30% (I think the number is actually higher) of the time for February and many trips were cancelled out right. Passengers fed up with trying to get onto a GO bus to shuttle them to Union gave up and went home, calling in sick. One rider wrote me to tell me she used three sick days because of cancelled trains. Not cool.

This morning, despite a summery -7C, trains departing on the Stillton line are delayed. The reason?

date:Mon, Mar 2, 2015 at 8:43 AM

Check out the Milton delays list.

"Minor rail brake"...huh? 

We were also told on-board that they had to wait for "paperwork" before proceeding. Paperwork? 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

It's March 1 and PRESTO delivers Transit Usage Reports on time

My name is not on the report. My PRESTO card number is on it which means because I file my taxes online, I will have to prove this report is mine by sending in a hard copy. I should get the letter around October. I get a letter every year from Revenue Canada asking for the report. Last year, they took issue with the fact that unlike years prior, my name was missing. After some back and forth, the claim was satisfied.

The amount shown for the Total e-Purse Trips lines up with my personal spreadsheet where I've tracked my trips for the year. This is the amount I will be claiming:

As for the whole "my name is missing, here's what PRESTOcard on Twitter had to say: