Friday, October 30, 2015

Meanwhile, in Taiwan

☐ Not REKT ☑ REKTPassenger blames the driver for a bumpy ride, wants the driver to get out & he wants to drive. The driver asks another passenger to call the police then this happens.

Tragedy on the Milton line


CP24 says the the tow truck operator had inadvertently parked near the tracks and while the gate was against the truck's windshield, he climbed into the truck to move it when he realized the train was approaching.

The tow truck operator had parked the way he had to make way for fire trucks attending a nearby collision.

Earlier accounts claimed he tried to jump the gates. Police continue to investigate and told CP24 a full reconstruction of the collision will take place.

The train struck the tow truck near Lisgar Station, on Ninth Line, north of Derry Road before 7 a.m.

The tow truck was then dragged about half a kilometre. The driver of the truck died at the scene.

Passengers on the train were uninjured while police investigated, and thousands more had to figure out alternate ways downtown. GO was helpful in asking local transit to assist by supplying buses. CN police eventually assisted passengers off the train when it was safe to do so.

One passenger wrote to tell me it took him over four hours for him to finally make it to work. He's just grateful the train stayed on the track and didn't derail.

Always a fun time on Richmond Hill

My family doc is in Thornhill (I used to live in Unionville and once you find a good doc, you keep him/her -- despite the distance). Yesterday, as I have done twice before over the past five years, I took the Richmond Hill train to Langstaff.

The Richmond Hill people were notorious for lining up like preschool children when they used to board on Platform 4 -- all that was missing was the rope. Now that they board on Platform 13, either there's not enough room, or the train arrives earlier, but the lines have disappeared. On the train, I was seated across from a woman with her nose buried in a Kindle in the Quiet Zone. Somewhere around Oriole, I sneezed. This woman looked up, shushed me, and went back to her eBook.


I glared at her. She never looked up but I couldn't believe it... wow. That's pretty metal right there.

After we left Old Cummer, people began to get up and line up for what I wrongly assumed was for Langstaff, which is where I was getting off. I stood in the aisle behind a line of people who were also stacked going down the stairs. We arrive at Langstaff and the line doesn't move. I wait. Nothing happens. The hell?

The doors are closing announcement is made and I flipped out. Goddamn DOOR DONKEYS! So I launched myself down the stairs, body slammed some guy standing at the bottom near the doors and pushed my way through the doors seconds before they shut behind me. Pissed, I whirled around and gave the double gun salute to the people on that coach, blocking the doors, as the train pulled away.

They deserved it. Anyone who does this crap deserves it.

Happy Halloween! Stay safe

Waiting to load a PRESTO card be like

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Philadelphia man robbed, thrown on train tracks

How we all felt about yesterday

The flooding that took out Richmond Hill

But at least it wasn't this...

Shank. Shank. Shank.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I laughed way too hard at this

Don't let your child be a victim this Halloween!

Don't mind me - bird

Still doesn't beat the trackball zipping sound on those old Blackberries

TCT reader Andrew is in Paris. Let's look at what he's discovered about public transit

You can charge your phone while you wait for the bus.

This sign lets you know how long you can charge your phone for before the bus arrives.

But hey, at least we still have this:

Got sprayed by a skunk this morning. Got on the bus anyway (NOT ME)

If it had been me I would have done the right thing and gone home and sat in a barrel of Dawn.

Our good friend, TomW, got to ride the GO bus this morning with a young lady who mentioned a skunk got into her home.

Let that sink in. Girl gets sprayed by skunk - leaves house anyway. TomW texted me to tell me his eyes were burning. And, not only did she ride the bus, but she also boarded the train at Oshawa.

The skunks were on fire this morning, I tell ya, because one of the Barrie trains hit one and the general consensus was its remains were stuck in the braking system of the coach most affected. Ashley tweeted it stunk to high Heaven.

Meanwhile, this bitch is still waiting to shank you.

But at least the Richmond Hill train didn't need to row into Toronto this morning!

Brampton council rejects downtown LRT

Brampton city councillors voted early Wednesday to reject a controversial transit project that would have seen an LRT route run along Main St. through the city’s downtown.

At about 1:30 a.m., council voted 7-4 to reject the Main St. plan that Queen’s Park had approved.

Cries of “shame” and promises of retribution rang out from the…

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sacramento OKs ban of loud or sleeping people from buses and trains

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Reuters) - Loud or sleeping people will soon be asked to leave buses and light rail trains in Sacramento under new rules approved by transportation officials Monday night, though efforts to ban smelly riders did not pass.

The proposals come as Sacramento enjoys a downtown building boom that will eventually add a high-end basketball arena and a soccer stadium, amenities that officials hope will draw patrons to the area by light rail, bus or train.

"If we can make it more attractive or make it more enjoyable to use the light rail or bus, then people are more apt to use it," said Alane Masui, spokeswoman for the Sacramento Regional Transit District.

Like many American cities, Sacramento fans out toward its suburbs in a sprawling metropolitan grid built more for automobiles than transit in most areas, and has struggled to win middle-class riders to its bus and light rail system.

Complaints abound. Last year, nearly 7,000 customers contacted the transit system's customer advocacy department, which mostly takes complaints, and transit officials also reported 318 crimes, according to Masui and transit system data.

The system, which serves the City and County of Sacramento, has about 98,000 boardings on weekdays.

More ... 

People on the Richmond Hill train tomorrow morning be like

Don't trust this bitch

GO Transit Prepares for Fall Storm  

Environment Canada has issued a “Special Weather Statement” for the region warning of an approaching fall storm including significant rainfall and strong wind gusts from Wednesday through to Thursday evening. The approaching storm, combined with the accelerated rate of leaf drop over the past few days, could create poor wheel traction for our trains due to slippery tracks, and slick road conditions for our buses.

GO Transit is planning and preparing for the storm to ensure customers get to their destinations safely. This includes:

·         Issuing a “Weather Watch” to the organization to ensure all hands are on deck;
·         Having our maintenance contractors proactively inspect our rail corridors, vehicles and equipment;
·         Paying particular attention to flood-prone areas such as the Richmond Hill line;
·         Developing a service recovery plan in advance;
·         Providing regular updates to GO customers as the weather system advances.
·         During extreme weather, stations will stay open until the last train for our customer’s comfort.

We will continue to monitor the storm and provide updates as they become available.

Suggestions for commuters:
·         Prepare ahead and give yourself lots of travel time.
·         Sign up for On The GO Alerts and download the GO app to ensure you get the latest updates.
·         Check the website for service updates before heading out.
·         Be especially mindful while travelling during heavy rain and wind—visibility may be significantly reduced for both you and other drivers.
·         Be patient and stay safe.

I once slid into a ditch when visiting a friend who lived on a farm. I braked and started to slide. I was taken out by a pile of wet leaves. No damage. Just a bruised ego.

Two drunk girls driving through Whitby and Oshawa

Published by MyFunStuffAbc123 story

Published on Oct 27, 2015
Drunk driver almost T-Bone Thickson and Dundas.

The camera does not adequately show the speed we were going. It looks slower than it was and also the camera doesn't show how insanely close to hitting the white car and rear ending the Blueline cab actually was.

2 Drunk Girls driving Eastbound on Dundas in Whitby. After blowing through the intersection and just barely missing a guy in a car (the white vehicle you see later on who turned around and tried chasing them).

I disabled the audio since I could not edit parts of it out with the crappy software that came with my camera. So, I disabled all the audio. The guy in the white car catches up to me and honks at me to call the cops on them as his phone was dead, I mentioned I was already on the phone to them and that they would be getting them very soon. He proceeded to follow me after that.

Summary: A vehicle turned onto Dundas from Hopkins, was all over the road, ran the red light at Thickson and Dundas narrowly missing a white car with someones' husband in it. They speed away, then pulled over to switch drivers. The girl in the red top gets out of the drivers seat, and switches with the girl with the black top. 2nd female driver cuts off the white car, almost rear ends a Blueline Cab, almost runs the red at Simcoe at King, doesn't drive very straight to Timmies, the girl in the red top gets out of the passenger side, and the girl in the black top gets out of the drivers side, both got arrested at Tim Hortons.

Since their names are now public and you can facebook them easily... here is the full video (well, the parts that matter, it's longer than this but I chopped it where it needed to be so it's short enough).

Someone could have died that night. Someone may not have came home to their wife or kids or husband or family member.

With all the services now out there to get you home safely - don't drink and drive. How will you feel in court facing a family member and having them look at you knowing you took away one of their loved ones? It's not worth it. If you have money to drink, you should have money to get home safe. Stop friends from drinking and driving. Do the right thing.

And what does this story have to do with public transit? EVERYTHING.

Impressive all your space on the TTC

I'll take four seats & an entire train that hates me, please! #ttcproblems

A photo posted by Dylan Turner (@piloteater) on

A bench seat just for you on Mississauga Transit

Some people should take a bus, like this person

This Mazda driver paranoid-parks on purpose in the Whitby parking garage and it drives others crazy. Instead of parking in the slot, this person parks over towards the glass wall so his or her vehicle is as far away from any other car that parks in the next slot.

That's all fine and dandy until the day comes when that glass has to be cleaned and the cleaning cart smashes into the car or the car gets towed. I'd be happier with a tow myself.

August 19

September 23

October 27

Guess we should all look up at the sky more!

Science on the GO
Special to This Crazy Train
By Iona Pintรณ

What the hell was that exchange about?

Those early risers who choose to look up at the eastern heavens for a moment before GOing about their daily business know exactly what’s happening.  Venus, Jupiter, and Mars have put on an early morning show for us this month.

For a short time, evening eastbound travelers with a front row seat in the upper saloon of a DD can catch a spectacular view of a rising full moon as I did crossing the Garden City Skyway bridge.

Happy stargazing!

This story GOes out to Charles on Route 12!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Amtrack has a quiet zone and someone was behaving badly in it

Soooo ... and my emotions are mixed ... only 39% of readers are actual GO passengers

The rest appears to be GO Transit employees, Metrolinx staff and PRESTO people.

The only reason why I am assuming this is because last Tuesday and Monday my site was inaccessible to a vast majority of people represented by said companies. The site was blocked (not intentionally) by software designed to keep out viruses and p*rn*graphy. See, I'm being all smart there.

But still, 39 percent is still 39 percent. Traffic is back up (1934 visits on Friday). Google searches continue to make GO passengers new fans of the site and social media continues to generate haters... which reminds me, I need to text back a few people who I didn't engage at the time because I wasn't feeling particularly witty. This site has been lacking in that department. Time to ramp it up!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Last time I posted a photo like this people lost their minds...

Maybe she's sick. Maybe she's pregnant. Maybe she just had an operation...

You know what? Too bad. I've had H1N1 and then two years later, developed West Nile. Both times, I was heading home when the symptoms were at their peak. Not once did I lie down, at any point. I'm sure if I had, people would have understood if I communicated why, but it's public transit, it's not a place where I can verify the sanitary conditions so staying up right ALWAYS seemed like a good idea.

I can't, I will not, put my head where the asses of hundreds have been.


Looks delicious

So this happening in my hometown Sunday. Come by. Text me if you do. Bicky and I will be there around 12:30

Even winter can't stop them ... bus, train... don't matter... the struggle is real

Thursday, October 22, 2015

No one throws a punch but clearly the lady holding the phone enjoyed the attention

The jokes write themselves

Its own private washroom, too


Courtesy of my lovely friend Christine. This got a good chuckle. #yyz #toronto #gotransit

A photo posted by Queen Ahmedala (@queenahmedala) on

Stubborn husband is stubborn

Take the bus.

But you need the car and-

Take the bus.

It's no big deal for me-



Ok. You'll see. Don't text me and cry like a baby when you realize I was right.

It will be fine, you need to relax.


My husband scored tickets to yesterday's Blue Jays game. He decided he would take an early train from Oshawa after driving to the station and tailgate at his friend's house and then head to the game.

He left the house at 9:58 am. I know this because we have one of those "smart" garage door systems that send an alert to our smart phones when the door opens and closes. This is what happened next:

Notice how long it took him to finally get on a train. And he cruised FOUR GO Stations looking for parking! It's a 22 minute bus ride in good traffic from the bus stop north of our home in Courtice to the GO station in Oshawa. It's only a 10 minute walk to the bus stop. My husband walks much faster than I do, so, in under a half hour, he would have made it from the front door to the platform.

The consequence of his stubbornness made itself known when I arrived in Pickering at 4:58 pm to find and pick up the car. His directions were helpful but being unfamiliar with the parking garage, I roamed the bi-level C lot hitting the panic button 20 times to figure out where the car was. That took eight minutes. It took another 12 minutes to get out of the parking garage because of the line-up. It took another 20 minutes to crawl east on Bayly to Brock to get on Highway 401, and another 35 minutes to crawl through the express-lanes-are-ending-and-Whitby-construction-is-starting mess, and another 12 minutes to make it to Courtice to pick up my daughter from her babysitter. Over an hour I spent to get home. Ridiculous.


Remember this?

Urban Etiquette Project finds its manners

You’re getting on the subway — you know the rules. You don’t eat smelly food, play loud music, over-perfume or trim your nails. They’re not written anywhere; for you, it’s common courtesy. But for some, leaving litter or hogging seats is a daily routine. That’s where the Urban Etiquette Project comes in — a series of…

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Just throwing some more shade at Oakville


Just for one day (I'll bring cupcakes) I'd love to sit in with the great folks at the GO Transit Customer Relations Centre and listen to what passengers call in to discuss.

At Oshawa GO, the stop for the 90 bus was moved slightly north to make room for a new walkway. A woman, a regular (Lord, I hope she doesn't know who I am because I'm sure she'll shank me) let loose a tantrum on the driver Monday about her displeasure of not knowing about this change, wanting to know why it was moved, and that if she hadn't thought to walk up a bit, she would have missed the bus entirely.

How she missed all of us lined up (she is a regular) causes me to wonder if she was serious, or if she was just bitching because she felt inconvenienced. The driver told her it was just as a surprise to her. This wasn't good enough. The woman mumbled on and on that she was calling GO to complain.

I'm telling you - Shakespearean tragedy it was.

Please keep your shoes on ... and your pants, thanks

It took a parking ticket to teach this person how to park but that's not how it should work

Let's have a look back at the legacy...

The ticket

... and the nonsense
October 7 2015
August 6 2014
July 31 2014

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I guess 356 minutes is better than saying almost six hours

From: "GO Transit"
Date: October 16, 2015 at 16:03:01 EDT
To: crash8668
Subject: (12) Niagara Falls Term. 14:52 - Burlington Carpool Lot 16:32 Bus - Delay

The (12) Niagara Falls Term. 14:52 - Burlington Carpool Lot 16:32 bus trip is delayed 356 minutes from St. Catharines as a result of an operational adjustment.

So dramatic

That's not how priority seating works (what a winner)

The man has shut me down (pornography? really?)

Monday, October 19, 2015

GO would like to remind you that you can't drink alcohol on the train (but by all means, please smoke freely anywhere on GO Transit property - I'm looking at you Oakville)

A photo posted by Rebecca Germwad (@beckquar) on

TORONTO: October 19, 2015 – Toronto is welcoming the Toronto Blue Jays to home today for Game 3 of the American League Championship Series.  We’ll have all hands on deck again this week—transit safety officers, station and operations staff—to help ensure customers get to where they need to go safely.

GO Transit will provide extra trains on the Lakeshore lines again throughout the playoffs. The additional trains will hold until the game is over and will run all stops with bus meets.

Here are a few reminders to save time and help make the commute safe—for everyone—during the playoffs:

·         Load PRESTO cards ahead of time or purchase a day pass rather than single tickets.
·         Plan extra time to park at stations as commuters may be exiting while Blue Jays fans are entering the station.
·         Parking lots may be full. Customers are encouraged to find alternative ways to get to stations—carpool, bike, walk or take local transit. Only park in designated spots, and don’t use accessible parking unless you have a permit.
·         Do not drink alcohol on public transit – it is illegal. Those who do will face a fine of $125 and their alcohol will be confiscated.  
·         Please ensure you have a safe ride home. Don’t drink and drive.

Yeah, you better be...

Last Wednesday, the 91 Newcastle Express bus (it rolls along Highway 401 after Bowmanville to Oshawa GO) caught fire (?) exploded (?) quit this bitch (?).

I'd still like to see photos. Send 'em if you have them!

I take it he's on a bridge

The most craziest and dangerous shot that I ever took...๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿšˆ #train #shoes #rosherun #photo #gotrain

A photo posted by Shawn Ralph H. Enriquez (@shawnenriquez12) on

Why do these people not sit on the aisle? It's a no-brainer. No one is going to steal your damn suitcase

GO and Smarttrack are one and the same service, says Metrolinx

Metrolinx has finally answered the question that has confounded transit watchers since Mayor John Tory campaigned on his $8-billion signature transit plan. 

SmartTrack and GO's regional express rail plan are the same thing — at least for now — says the head of the provincial agency. 

"An independent and parallel service would be unaffordable and unworkable,"…

It's an important day but not so important that your bag gets its own seat

Cattorney George Greyskull is not impressed with your shenanigans.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Stay classy

Smoakville and soggy butts

Special to This Crazy Train
by MM

So Tuesday I missed my early evening connection from GO to local transit. No big problem, the weather was fine, and my next connection was only a twenty minute wait away.

In that twenty minutes I hit the mother lode. Before I stopped counting I saw at least 22 smokers. There might have been even more since I was distracted (more later) and busy getting shots. At 45 bucks a pop GO might have made serious dough. Pro rated for the hour they could clear $2,000 easy.

There were also two bicyclists riding their bikes on the platforms (another infraction).

It was like shooting fish in a barrel, if the fish were gasping and the barrel was filled with soggy butts.

The last pic is of the capping event. I was standing at the bus stop right under the no-smoking sign when this guy pulled up - sucking his butt and blowing away. I could have gotten a better pic, but I was busy reviewing the ones I had so the first few shots I had of him were rushed and out of focus. He was a flamboyant and affected little coffin nail aficionado though, and putting on quite a defiant show of stench spreading - until he saw my camera up.

He passed, turned and asked me if I took his picture.

I said, yes, I had.

He gave me the standard "You need my permission to take my picture..." bit. I mean - do they print this on cards and insert them into cigarette packs? I get this from every smoker I frame under a sign. They seem oblivious to others' needs, but fixated on their own.

I gave him the standard - that picture taking in public is considered public not private, and that HE had not asked ME permission before smoking, and that the signage indicated no smoking - not no picture taking, and when could I expect him to ask ME for permission?

I think the nicotine had constricted the capillaries in his noggin so much that I lost him somewhere around the first sentence there.

So he threatened me.

So I pointed out that I now had video enabled and could he please repeat that?

So he walked away. Which recommends him in a little self-centred, entitled, but not without some sense.

Then my bus arrived and he came back. Walked up to the window beside my seat and pounded on it till I opened it.

He asked me my name. His rationale was that I had taken his picture, so he deserved my name.

The logic of the situation and his lack of understanding of social obligations seemed beyond him. Privacy seemed to be only something that HE was entitled to - over entitled to actually. There was no quid pro quo. I would have posed for a pic if he wanted, but I didn't owe him my name. I waved.

Once again - if guys like this with such a warped sense of behaviour are so prevalent at Smoakville, how can the admin at GO get away with their laughable commitment to rider comfort and safety?

It's VIP parking every day for this driver at Maple GO

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Now this could make a big difference if it ever happened.

Posted by blogTO on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Actually, no it's not

THIS is how you ride the Go train. #chillax #gotransit #niece #autumn2015

A photo posted by @ashpy84 on

Fish bowl

All your space level: Living room

Jesus Christ with the laptop already...

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving

I woke up with a raging bladder infection this morning. True story. Took the GO into work because being seen and treated at the clinic in my office tower is 100x faster than waiting and waiting at the country hospital near my home. Two rounds of antibiotics and I can finally sit up without feeling like a bowling ball is buried in my gut.

I came home after and had the pleasure of riding the GO bus around 11 am this morning with a woman who was on the phone with her doctor's office discussing birth control options. I really wish I was making this up. As per Twitter:

This woman on the discussing birth control options with her doctor's office knows we can all hear her, right?!

The talk about IUD insertion was cringe-worthy. I was starting to feel nauseous. Even the driver was like c'mon...

And I quote, "How deep? So just to the cervix???" Finally this guy told her to can it. They're currently arguing.

This girl is full on crazy. AM I TALKING TO YOU?! NO?! SO MIND YOUR BUSINESS. bus is super quiet

Friday, October 9, 2015

GO is the biggest (FREE?) parking provider in the Toronto region

GO adds new parking to packed King City station

It won't be enough to fill the demand but 72 new parking spaces at the King City GO station should alleviate a little of the commuter crush there starting Tuesday. Construction will begin later this fall on another 60 spaces that will be available in the spring. The 72 new spaces bring the total spaces at…

I don't know who you are but you're awesome

On the train this morning (which was half-empty) this guy's phone started to ring. And all of a sudden, I had this flashback of being 12 years old, lying on the purple shag rug of my bedroom, watching Channel 29 from Buffalo (Punky Brewster was on) and during the commercial break ...

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Trudeau pledges SmartTrack and GO train funds

Mayor John Tory is welcoming the commitment of $2.6 billion in SmartTrack funding from federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.

The Liberal campaign pledge made in Woodbridge on Thursday, includes an additional $2 billion toward electrifying the GO train system.

The Trudeau announcement is confirmation that SmartTrack will go ahead, said a statement from the mayor.


Where are you GOing this Thanksgiving?

Special to This Crazy Train
by Ian Cognito

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and GO Transit wants to help plan our weekend getaway.  To where?  Wine country — Niagara.

Thanksgiving long weekend is coming up—and it’s your last chance for a wine country getaway this year. Our seasonal Niagara trains run Oct 9, to Oct 12.
Posted by GO Transit on Thursday, October 8, 2015
After reading TCT’s coverage of GO’s service in Niagara this summer and knowing students will be heading home to Mom with their bags crammed full of laundry, I don’t want to be in this neck of the woods when the “fun” starts midmorning on Friday.  So, I’m thinking I should make plans now to get out of town on Thursday.  But to where?

Flicking a dart at the GO Transit system map pinned to the bulletin board across the room, the pointed projectile picked a point precisely between Guelph and Kitchener.  OK.  How do I get to either of those places?  Let’s fire up that Triplinx Trip Planner; I’d never used it before.

It seems straightforward. Supply a starting locale, a destination, the date of travel, and a preferred departure or arrival time.  We’re presented with the results of the planning search, namely, the trip closest to our preferred travel time (as well as two other trip times), the details of the trips, and a map.  Cool.

The itinerary for both Guelph and K/W trips travel Route 12 to the Burlington carpool lot, and transfer to a Route 47 bus to Erin Mills Transitway.  I hope that location has a washroom, because after two hours on the road, I know my Tim Horton’s coffee will be “working its magic”.  At Erin Mills Transitway, one transfers to a Route 29 bus for Guelph, or a Route 25 bus for K/W.  Now, what’s the difference in fares for my candidate destinations?

Next stop, GO Transit's fare calculator.  Let’s start the trip at 420 & Stanley in Niagara Falls.  The cost of a single ride adult ticket to Guelph Central GO Station is $27.25, and the same to University of Waterloo is $22.65.  WTH?!  Let’s look at a map of Routes 25 and 29 from Erin Mills Transitway.  Just as I thought — passengers to Guelph pay $4.60 more for a shorter trip!

Isn’t the price of a GO Transit trip a function of the distance travelled and whether the passenger is an adult, student, senior, or child?  Yep, it says so right on the Fare Information page.  GO Transit, you got some ‘splainin’ to do!

That settles it.  I’m staying put for Thanksgiving.  Where are you GOing this weekend?

Meanwhile, in Naples

Yes, even in Italy, folks read

Send me all your international photos of douchepicks!

Just a reminder... the train will win every time. Don't be stupid.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Well look who got a ticket!

Busted from this morning.

GO'ing on home on Friday is going to suck

With the Blue Jays game starting at 12:45 pm on Friday, this means thousands of people will be trying to get home around the time most of us leave work (3:45 pm to 4:45 pm).

GO just sent out a media advisory where there was no mention of extra trains during this peak period, so plan accordingly, folks. Here's hoping that the majority of these fans go out and eat afterwards which would lessen the volume.

The game times are as follows:

  • 3:37 p.m. EDT on Thursday; 
  • 12:45 p.m. EDT on Friday 

GO's media statement:

TORONTO: October 7, 2015 – Metrolinx staff have been busy planning for our Toronto Blue Jays playoff games! With the first games now scheduled, we want to help our customers get to and from the game safely. We’ll have all hands on deck this Thursday and Friday—transit safety officers, GO Transit ambassadors, ticket sales, station and operations staff—to help ensure customers get to where they need to go.
Both Thursday and Friday’s games are scheduled for the afternoon and will finish during rush hour. Crowds of happy fans are expected to arrive at Union Station during peak hours from Rogers Centre. Friday is also one of our busiest travel days with many students and commuters eager to get home for the holiday. We will be monitoring our ridership and will do our best to accommodate everyone to get them home safely.

Here are a few tips to help make your commute safe during the playoffs:
·         Consider adjusting your travel plans during playoff games so that you are not arriving and leaving during peak hours (4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.)

·         Load your PRESTO card ahead of time

·         When leaving the game, consider staying downtown until rush hour is over (Toronto has so many great restaurants!)

·         When arriving at Union Station, look for GO staff if you need assistance or directions

·         If you are arriving at Toronto Pearson to see the game, UP Express will get you within a 5 minute walk to the Rogers Centre with trains running every 15 minutes for the 25-minute trip (and it’s only $19 with your PRESTO card)

We’ve waited 22 years for this so please continue to be patient when waiting for trains and buses before and after games. Remember: safety is always our first priority.!

Mmm yes, quite

This guy

LOL #gotrainproblems #thisisnotaparking #badparking #someonesgottatellthem #mischeif @shazim21

A video posted by Rahim Jameer (@rahimjameer325) on


Go train stair case closed due to unwanted visitor. #gotransit

A photo posted by Paul De Boer (@pdeboer1987) on

There still are some good people left on this planet

I didn't know if u can post this but I would liking to say thank you to the guy who was seating beside a special needs...
Posted by Only In Hamilton on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

So who parked first here?

The driver of this minivan is still trolling the Appleby parking lot a year later

Richard witnesses this person park this way ON PURPOSE (see all the other spots?) almost every day (here's the mininvan back in July of 2014). I need to take a train ride out to Appleby GO and write this person a note.

Nobody cares about your stupid minivan which isn't some rare vehicle that is appreciating in value daily.

Stop parking like a douchenugget (thanks to Anonynous this morning for that word on the suicide post - it's my new fav word).