Monday, October 19, 2015

GO would like to remind you that you can't drink alcohol on the train (but by all means, please smoke freely anywhere on GO Transit property - I'm looking at you Oakville)

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TORONTO: October 19, 2015 – Toronto is welcoming the Toronto Blue Jays to home today for Game 3 of the American League Championship Series.  We’ll have all hands on deck again this week—transit safety officers, station and operations staff—to help ensure customers get to where they need to go safely.

GO Transit will provide extra trains on the Lakeshore lines again throughout the playoffs. The additional trains will hold until the game is over and will run all stops with bus meets.

Here are a few reminders to save time and help make the commute safe—for everyone—during the playoffs:

·         Load PRESTO cards ahead of time or purchase a day pass rather than single tickets.
·         Plan extra time to park at stations as commuters may be exiting while Blue Jays fans are entering the station.
·         Parking lots may be full. Customers are encouraged to find alternative ways to get to stations—carpool, bike, walk or take local transit. Only park in designated spots, and don’t use accessible parking unless you have a permit.
·         Do not drink alcohol on public transit – it is illegal. Those who do will face a fine of $125 and their alcohol will be confiscated.  
·         Please ensure you have a safe ride home. Don’t drink and drive.


Sick of the ILLEGAL smoking said...


Anonymous said...

You have been advised many times that GO transit takes the smoking situation very seriously. Officers can't be at the stations 24 hours a day. For the more problematic stations, smoking zones were created and are being used. Smoking and drinking are two very different activities. One requires a permit and GO trains are not a bar. The other does not require any licence.
-Someone who GOes

C.J. Smith said...

I've been very supportive of the no alcohol on trains rule. And I'm well aware why this is illegal.
The smoking situation remains unresolved at Oakville and I was pretty clear about that.

dee said...

The smoking situation at Oakville is so bad that two smokers were walking in and out of the station this morning between puffs to keep warm. I wish I was lying.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Typical "double-standard phenomenon". Go after one group of offenders while being totally laissez-faire toward another.
Sort of like: Ticketing jaywalkers, but on other occasions looking the other way as skateboarders roll down the middle of the street even during rush hour, slowing down traffic.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh....been advised many times that it's taken seriously. Okey doke then, nothing to see here.

deepfish said...

I was at Oakville this morning and actually feeling quite good about things. Sure, the place still smelled like a wet ashtray, but there were only two or three smokers evident, not like the bad old days at 6:15 or so AM when the smokers ringed the station. So there has been SOME abatement in buttsuckers.
Strange though - to the anonymous comment above - I don't recall CJ or any of the other Oakville people ever calling for 24 hour enforcement.
I think what anonymous is doing here is the old "bait and switch" strawman argument.
How about, instead of bringing up strawmen, addressing the request for adequate signage that empowers non smokers and informs smokers that they can't smoke on GO property?
How about addressing the request for ANY evident enforcement?
How about, at the very least, a PR effort of posters at least?

Nah - commitment is to customer comfort is cheap, action is lacking. GO is par for the course.

Nora1968 said...

If a bylaw is posted but not enforced, the issue is NOT being taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

Even the alcohol on the train is lackadaisical at best. People hide it.

Bicky said...

Woman on the train last night across from me was openly vaping. Then she had the worst menopausal hot flash you can imagine. She tore through her bag looking for her fan like she was about to spontaneously combust. Had she had a second fan and flapped any harder, she'd have been airborne. Then she vaped some more.

deepfish said...

Well as a smokeron GO, de facto, HER comfort was all that was entitled. As a non smoker, getting to watch her as she indulged was all that you deserved. The fanning was extra.

deepfish said...

Anonymous - BTW, can you advise us again a few times that GO takes smoking seriously? It makes me feel all gooshy.