Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Got sprayed by a skunk this morning. Got on the bus anyway (NOT ME)

If it had been me I would have done the right thing and gone home and sat in a barrel of Dawn.

Our good friend, TomW, got to ride the GO bus this morning with a young lady who mentioned a skunk got into her home.

Let that sink in. Girl gets sprayed by skunk - leaves house anyway. TomW texted me to tell me his eyes were burning. And, not only did she ride the bus, but she also boarded the train at Oshawa.

The skunks were on fire this morning, I tell ya, because one of the Barrie trains hit one and the general consensus was its remains were stuck in the braking system of the coach most affected. Ashley tweeted it stunk to high Heaven.

Meanwhile, this bitch is still waiting to shank you.

But at least the Richmond Hill train didn't need to row into Toronto this morning!


Anonymous said...

Leaves the leaves alone!

Unknown said...

The Richmond hill train did not have the water wings so it was diverted to the Barrie Line.

Jules said...

yep a friends dogs were sprayed the other night too. The skunks always win.