Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Two drunk girls driving through Whitby and Oshawa

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Published on Oct 27, 2015
Drunk driver almost T-Bone Thickson and Dundas.

The camera does not adequately show the speed we were going. It looks slower than it was and also the camera doesn't show how insanely close to hitting the white car and rear ending the Blueline cab actually was.

2 Drunk Girls driving Eastbound on Dundas in Whitby. After blowing through the intersection and just barely missing a guy in a car (the white vehicle you see later on who turned around and tried chasing them).

I disabled the audio since I could not edit parts of it out with the crappy software that came with my camera. So, I disabled all the audio. The guy in the white car catches up to me and honks at me to call the cops on them as his phone was dead, I mentioned I was already on the phone to them and that they would be getting them very soon. He proceeded to follow me after that.

Summary: A vehicle turned onto Dundas from Hopkins, was all over the road, ran the red light at Thickson and Dundas narrowly missing a white car with someones' husband in it. They speed away, then pulled over to switch drivers. The girl in the red top gets out of the drivers seat, and switches with the girl with the black top. 2nd female driver cuts off the white car, almost rear ends a Blueline Cab, almost runs the red at Simcoe at King, doesn't drive very straight to Timmies, the girl in the red top gets out of the passenger side, and the girl in the black top gets out of the drivers side, both got arrested at Tim Hortons.

Since their names are now public and you can facebook them easily... here is the full video (well, the parts that matter, it's longer than this but I chopped it where it needed to be so it's short enough).

Someone could have died that night. Someone may not have came home to their wife or kids or husband or family member.

With all the services now out there to get you home safely - don't drink and drive. How will you feel in court facing a family member and having them look at you knowing you took away one of their loved ones? It's not worth it. If you have money to drink, you should have money to get home safe. Stop friends from drinking and driving. Do the right thing.

And what does this story have to do with public transit? EVERYTHING.


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C.J. Smith said...

I asked the same thing! 8 - 9 minutes from the time the call was made. The cop show in off of Centre Street. Plus, there are always cruisers around, especially at 3 am. That really pissed me off. It's not up to the public to try to corral and follow an impaired driver. I'm glad the guy who filmed it had a camera available.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a DRPS station just minutes away in downtown Oshawa.

Also, kudos to the person recording this and calling 911. We need more people like him or her doing their civic duty.

If those two impaired drivers were indeed impaired then seize the car and permenantly remove their driving privileges.