Monday, October 26, 2015

Soooo ... and my emotions are mixed ... only 39% of readers are actual GO passengers

The rest appears to be GO Transit employees, Metrolinx staff and PRESTO people.

The only reason why I am assuming this is because last Tuesday and Monday my site was inaccessible to a vast majority of people represented by said companies. The site was blocked (not intentionally) by software designed to keep out viruses and p*rn*graphy. See, I'm being all smart there.

But still, 39 percent is still 39 percent. Traffic is back up (1934 visits on Friday). Google searches continue to make GO passengers new fans of the site and social media continues to generate haters... which reminds me, I need to text back a few people who I didn't engage at the time because I wasn't feeling particularly witty. This site has been lacking in that department. Time to ramp it up!


Anonymous said...

Many METROLINX and PRESTO staff are also GO commuters so it's not surprising that they would be your biggest cohort. Of all people they would be particularly interested in making sure the train experience is working for everyone :)

Skin Man said...

I always assumed that they were a minority; a really important minority, but still a minority. On the flip side the observed antics, and service failures, (and successes), are getting fairly wide distribution into the responsible group.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

I'm not a GO passenger myself. In fact I've never ridden any buses or trains of this particular system.
What I like about this site (and comment on) are a lot of the "common denominator" aspects of what goes on aboard the buses/trains compared to similar situations in most other public/commercial domain anywhere else in the world.
THOSE are what get my attention and are what is most noteworthy about the contents of this site.

C.J. Smith said...


Kelly said...

and *former, now free GO train riders like me :)