Friday, July 18, 2014

Parenting -- Signs you've done it wrong

You know, just when I thought society couldn't set the bar any lower, an incident on tonight's 520 LSE just proved me wrong.

Two guys sat in the quad in front of me, perfected ALL YOUR SPACE, and conducted a conversation loud enough to be heard in the locomotive over the roar of the engine. A woman seated under the quiet zone sign politely asked if they could lower their voices. She turned to point at the sign behind her. The men said nothing to her and ignored her request. When they exited at Pickering, I suspect their sense of entitlement got the better of them and in a fine display of bad parenting, both loudly exclaimed, "FUCK Y'ALL!!!" when they stood up.

As they went down the stairs, one of them leaned into the quad of the woman under the sign and said to her, sarcastically, "Hope the rest of your ride home is more enjoyable."

I. Was. Stunned. The woman looked horrified that someone would single her out so pointedly and be so disrespectful. She was visibly shaken. She hadn't done anything wrong.

Quiet zone or not, we are all within reason allowed to ask people to behave if their antics are interfering with any of us trying to enjoy the ride comfortably. So let's not blame the quiet zone for this horrible display of intimidation and rudeness. Blame bad parenting.

As a parent myself, I would be mortified to learn my grown son had conducted himself so dastardly.

Here's Tweedledouche with his leg contorted towards the window in an earlier fantastic display of footriding.


Anonymous said...

I dont why those two kids needs to be ignorant! no manners nor respect, I feel bad for the lady.

Bicky said...

Their mamas must be soooo proud! *end sarcasm*

Squiggles said...

Wow. Just wow. A whole lotta special demonstrated right there.

Anonymous said...

This ain't new for the LSE line. Happens a lot.

Anonymous said...

I would give credit to that woman who actually had the guts to speak up.

I would challenge these guys to a fight if they came across me.

Nora1968 said...

"Tweedledouche". Love that LOL

I agree - I have always contended that there shouldn't NEED to be a Quiet Zone - just some standards of decency and basic common sense.

Mark said...

I think we've had this conversation on twitter before. We ultimately have this generation of children raised by well meaning but ultimately wrong headed parents that have inflated views of self worth and their responsibilities to the world at large. They have been told from birth that they are these unique little snowflakes who can do no wrong.

These precious little snowflakes are also the ones responsible for some of dumber trends in parenting as they begin to spawn the next generation of special snowflakes that will ensure this kind of douchebaggery will continue in the next generation. And with the advent of the internet, these entitled special people have a platform to hector those people who do not buy into their "aren't I and my little spawn amazing?!" delusion.