Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Last night's hurricane was so bad, it blew down all the construction fencing at the new Oshawa GO station (which by the way seems to have come to a standstill)


G said...

Speaking of Oshawa Station, did you get the announcement about the closure of the east end of the platform? That should make a lot of people happy since they'll have to walk half a train length extra to get on the train in the morning.

Unknown said...

And the monsoon is coming tonight!

The wind last night kept waking me up - except for the one time because that was Dingles.

Ed said...

That wind last night funnelled down our backyards and flipped over winterized BBQs and various items tried to make it to the land of Oz. My fence is now leaning and my neighbors wooden deck benches got torn up. My poor BBQ was tipped over and about six feet from where it usually sits. Minus the cover too. I had it tied down tight so I thought.

I heard there were 100k wind gusts last night but I sleep like the dead and never heard a thing.

C.J. Smith said...

Thought platform closure was 8 am to 330 pm
Not during the rush hour.
I haven't had an issue. Yet.

Unknown said...

Is Oshawa the new Burlington.

TomW said...

Found out recently that MX includes time in their construction contracts for catch-up if there's been harsh weather that halted activity. If there's a lack of harsh weather (like this winter), then you end up with periods where things are halted deliberately.