Monday, January 16, 2017

Go Transit's delays due to trespasser activity double those of the TTC in 2016

When this story broke, I wrote to Metrolinx Spokesperson Anne Marie Aikins asking for figures for GO Transit. Aikins was kind enough to compile some stats:

In 2016:
  • 54 hrs of delays from trespassers
  • 245 train trips impacted
  • 94 hrs of delays from fatalities
  • 329 train trips impacted
I received a direct message from a person on Twitter who wanted to know what was considered "trespassing". Is it just people walking on the tracks or is it also items that were thrown on the tracks (in one instance, a toilet had been tossed and a train had to be halted)? It's a good question, and I'm on it. It would be interesting to know, aside from a toilet, what else has been thrown onto tracks. 


Unknown said...

Oddly, since this was posted, the trains have been screwed up.

Hoping they get their $hit together for the commute home.

Skin Man said...

This is really interesting, if only mainly from idle curiousity! But I do want to know about what sort of things GO deals with. Thanks for digging into it.

Ed said...

I remember once when a wire shopping cart was tossed on the tracks ahead of a train. Of course, the loco went over it and totally screwed up the undercarriage. It was LSW a few years ago. They actually had to detach the cars from the loco and hook them up to another one and pull us to the next station. Don't know how they moved the messed up loco.

This was before the service guarantee too so we all got vouchers any Oakville.longest delay I've ever been on.

C.J. Smith said...

The toilet story is true apparently.
Another cause for delays are dead animals on the tracks.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Are they using the term "trespasser" loosely or literally?
The authorities in charge seem to be throwing that term around quite freely.