Tuesday, August 24, 2010


on sat nite i got to ride the LE home with a group of tweens and their parents after the justin bieber concert at the acc.

i, and many others, were subjected to an in-depth conversation about what they liked most about justin bieber and what each of them would do if they dated him.

suddenly, these 2 construction-type guys chimed in and one screams at the girls, saying: "he's a fag!", "he's a pole-licker!" and "fudge-packer!" and they both laugh out loud.

these girls were ages 9-12. they all immediately stopped talking. one looked like she wanted to cry but there was this 1 girl who got up, marched over, got right into this guy's face and told him to mind his own business and to grow up and not be so hateful. turns out she has 2 daddies and didn't appreciate the homophobic remarks.

the four parents who were chaperoning these girls (there were 6 of them) ushered them all onto another car.

i was proud of that girl ...

i'm one of her daddies.

from paul. d. in whitby

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C.J. Smith said...

I have so much hope for the 12-under generation.

They're the ones who may get it right.

TomW said...

Yay for tween girls!

rhonda said...

this is for paul d.

being a kid is hard enough why would you tack on the added stress of your kid now having to fight your battles?

she'll be fighting people like these guys for the rest of her life.

just curious. not looking for a fight, just trying to understand your decisions to bring a child into this world considering the hate.

Todd said...

Wow, Rhonda, this little girl did only what every adult on that train should have done, challenge hate. I'm not going to make decisions in my life based on other people's intolerance. I'm in a same-sex relationship and we are expecting a child soon. I don't know how any parent can shield their children from the hate of the world, it's impossible. Children are smarter then we give them credit and very adaptable. I have no doubt Paul's daughter will grow up to be someone who looks for ways to improve society not hide from it.

Cleo said...

I'm black.
Should my parents not have had me?

This is probably not the best place for this conversation but since the train is a public place and this blog is for people who ride a public train shared with the public, then I say it's good we're having this chat.

I admire your courage to ask.

Gay, straight, black or any other visible minority, we're here. We all have to learn tolerance. Paul's daughter is a fine example of good parenting.

People who spread ignorance and hate are bullies. They need to be taken down a peg. Who best but a child?

Camilla said...

Both her dads should pat themselves on the back for raising such a strong and smart daughter. Good on you!

Saje said...

For Rhonda, Yes, being a kid is hard. Kids pick on other kids, some adults pick on kids.

Why do people tolerate this hate? Why do people allow the hate that other people feel affect our behaviour? This child has been raised to recognise hate and fight against it. She knows what kind of world she wants to live in and she is fighting for it. Good for her.

Rhonda, are you willing to stand up so firmly for what you believe in?

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." ~Anne Frank

Anonymous said...

Great quote.
I was thinking that myself!

Anonymous said...

Cheers to Paul D. Reading this made me feel so proud. Kudos for teaching your daughter to be a strong and assertive individual. It's clear that you are a smart and responsible parent - I wish I could say that about many hetero- couples!