Thursday, August 26, 2010

Love notes

About a month ago, I made a decision to include my mobile number (9054420352) on this blog so readers could send me texts and picture messages. It's worked out beautifully except for one person who sent me some "sext" messages yesterday.

For your amusement, I've reposted the exchange below.

Sexter-> Hi u there?

Me -> Hello, how can I help you?

Sexter -> Is this CJ?

Me -> Yep. What's up?

Sexter -> Are u on the train?

Me -> As a matter of fact, I am. Are you?

Sexter -> Yes. going to Whitby. I took the 5:10 from Union.

Me - > Cool. You gotta story for me?

Sexter -> Are u on 5:10

Me -> I could be. Why?

Sexter -> What do you look like?

Me -> I'll never tell.

Sexter -> C'monnnn. I'm on the srd coach. I'm wearing black pants and pink-tank with a white camisole. Come sit wid me.

Me -> Er ...

Sexter -> I can do things with my hands that only u could feel

Me -> You mean like a massage?

Sexter -> Yes

Me -> Can I bring friends?

Sexter -> Only you ... this is a one on one offer

Me -> But you don't know what I look like. I could be ugly.

Sexter -> u have a great sense of human. There's no way ur ugly.

Me -> Well my grandma tells me all the time how great looking I am, I guess that counts. And I am 'human'.

Sexter -> Ooops sry, u know what I mean ...

Sexter -> Are you horny?

Me -> On a train?!

Sexter -> I can make u feel better. I have blonde hair and I'm 27.

Me -> That's very appealing but ...

Sexter -> Are u scared?

Me - > No, but I am a woman.

The "sexts" stopped coming after my last reply.


TomW said...

As I've said before, you get a better class of person on the 5:20 (and a seat).

Anonymous said...


that is too funny. aren't you worried now people will now start crank sexting you?

Anonymous said...

wow i need to relocate. is this the a version of the love boat..Silent J

C.J. Smith said...

Crank sexting?

I look forward to it.