Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thank you!

I am flattered people take the time to read, comment and send in submissions.
If you're new here, welcome!

I try to dial up the crazy five times a week and just when I think the ride's going to come to a grinding "we have track congestion going into Union Station" halt, I get an email ( or a text message (9054420352) that gets this blog back on track.


Thomas K. (Barrie) said...

Between this site and the Shout Outs in the TO Nite newspaper, I can't get enough. The best are the photos and the classy/funny way you go about them. It's all in spirited fun and I laugh so hard when I read on my BB.

Please don't ever let this blog go!

TomW said...

"Congestion" is what happens to cars. A more accurate description of what's happenign is "some other train is running late and blocking our platform".

On the plus side, this has only become a ferquent feature or our commutes since they started construction work at Union, closing two platforms.

Anonymous said...

TomW must take the Lakeshore West. If he took any train from the East he would have experienced the pain of being stopped just outside Union Station so many times that he'd be almost immune to it!!

TomW said...

Umm... no, I take the LE. I was pointing out that the "Congestion" announcements have got a lot more frequent since they closed two platforms for construction work. Didn't I make that clear??