Friday, August 13, 2010

Care Bear Stare

One of the immature onions from my failed train tell-off fiasco from two weeks ago is currently seated right across from me, having gotten on at Ajax. Recognizing me, she concentrated solely on shoving her iPod headphones into her ears in an effort to avoid me. So I stare.



Anonymous said...

Funny how quiet and reserved they can be when their buddies aren't around.

I have seen the same thing on the 4:53 eastbound train (car behind the accessibility car) with a group of loud and rude people. When in a group, they will push and shove their way to stand in front of anybody also standing there (did I mention they like to "own" the doors?), and then talk so loud you can hear them all the way at the other end; conversations that I, nor anybody on the train cares to hear.

I actually ended up taking another train altogether because I was on the verge of losing it with those creatures...

I hope they read your blog and recognize themselves...turnips

Kelly said...

Good for you!

I stared at someone yesterday too! This was at one of those people who like to think they're special and board from the opposite track where they open the doors first so folks can deboard. These people don't like to wait with the common folk on the regular track. Dude waltzes up with his Iceman sunglasses on and stands across me, so I stared at him until the train pulled in so he'd know just how special he was. He noticed too, because he eventually turned his back to me. Then the dirty turnip sits on the aisle of the two seater on the mid-level and throws his sunglasses on the seat of the window seat (which happens to be my favourite seat, ha!), so I aimed right for him and sat beside him the whole way to Whitby. I bet he thought his little sneaky-opposite track boarding-aisle sitting-sunglass throwing butt thought it'd scare people away, but not me!