Monday, October 22, 2012

Mega Donkey

How in the hell... ?

A reader sent this in.

This was taken during a trip on a Mega Bus from Montreal to Toronto. This takes "all your space" to a whole new level, my friends. And you thought we were merely at the church with the shit we see on GO trains with feet sprawled on opposite seats.

This jackass has his feet on the seat behind his seats!

This guy takes it out of the church and into the parking lot. We're talking speakers, fire and brimstone, placards, weeping Virgin Mary statues and Jesus profiles on toast.

All of it. Right there. On a Mega Bus.


FRED said...

Can I get an "Amen"?!


Squiggles said...

Continuing the theme: How, on God's Green Earth, is that even comfortable?

AllanVS said...

This is the drivers side quad. He is in the back facing seats. He hung his clothes in front of a very nice elderly lady, put his feet on the seat (only hogging 2 seats), and to top it off, I could SMELL him from across the aisle ... about 6 feet away!

Skin Man said...

Aahhh to be young and flexible....

ExGOnowTTC said...

Matthew 22:14 "And the Lord doth sayeth "I command Thee to put thy feet on Megabus seats in MY name. Thus sayeth the Lord as he smote the Hitterites.