Monday, October 29, 2012

Morning phone calls

I typically catch a bus that shows up at 6:38 am. The last couple of trips I've been subjected to listening to the one-sided phone calls conducted by a young guy. He's not speaking English to the person on the other end, but a phone call at this hour is annoying in any language.
I hate early morning phone yappers.
But most importantly, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE TALKING TO?
Back in the day, say 7-10 years ago, the only phone conversation you'd hear on a bus or train before 8:00 am was some poor teenager being harrassed by his mom to find his jeans on the dryer.
"Get up and go look for your jeans on the dryer! DID YOU FIND YOUR JEANS ON THE DRYER!? Call me when you get to school".
Now it's these marathon conversations about who the hell knows.
Maybe people, since they're up, are calling relatives in other countries where it's 9 o'clock at night and no single fucks are given that the person is on a bus with other people all hella annoyed.
It's 6:49 am, we all want peace and quiet, because it's still dark out and our bodies are pissed off we're on a bus, or a train, and not back in bed.
I'll tell you, if for any reason in my life, I happen to be home, in bed, dreaming about Brad Pitt playing baseball and my phone rings, and it's a friend sitting on a bus somewhere at 6:30 in the morning, this is what would happen:
(Phone ringing; Knight Rider theme music because that's my ring tone)
Reach for phone on night stand.
Drag it to my ear preparing for bad news...
"Oh, hi, CJ? It's "INSERT NAME OF JERKY FRIEND HERE", I was just call---"
Push end button.


Squiggles said...

So, don't understand why people need to talk on the phone. I have a 10am to 9pm rule with family and friends. Even if I am up, I do NOT want to talk to anyone before I absolutely have to and/or have embibed enough caffeine to make it to work or couch.

It is *almost* as annoying as the people who are sitting NEXT to each other and neither has an indoor voice - example - the two twinkies on the train this morning.

Anonymous said...

Ear plugs my friend.
I totally get the humour on this website but when you bitch and complain about this, really? Get over it. It's just someone talking on the phone and like you said, possibly in another country. Who can fault them for having friends or family living in different time zones where the only time you can call them is at ridiculous hours...

There are honestly more frustrating things to deal with vis a vis transit then this. Invest in earplugs if it makes you this grouchy.

Anonymous said...

Get lost, idiot. If you haven't heard, the depression ended thousands of years ago. The allies won WWII and yes, Mulroney is out of office. Canada has had peace for, oh I don't know, like, forever and I'm sorry that you're not part of a generation that enjoys life and all the weirdities that come with it. So, if you don't like the sarcastic humour on this site, go listen to Peter Mansbridge or pick up a copy of the sensational Toronto Sun. Take your doom and gloom elsewhere.

C.J. Smith said...

"I totally get the humour on this website ... "

Annnnd ... no. You don't.

not yo bro said...

>>> at the ear plugs person

Shit's gonna fly ya never gonna 'gree with but you still paid yo money.

Let it fly, read it and shut it.

Jack C. said...

"It's just someone talking on the phone and like you said, possibly in another country. Who can fault them for having friends or family living in different time zones"

I can. I can totally fault them. With no hesitation whatsoever. Anyone else?

"There are honestly more frustrating things to deal with vis a vis transit then this."

Yeah, we'll get to those. Don't worry yourself.

Methinks we have an inconsiderate yakker on our hands, folks. People always seem to bristle when their own behaviour gets called out on this site. As a general rule, I think it's inconsiderate to carry on a cell phone conversation in close quarters with strangers. If it's absolutely essential to take a call on a bus/train/elevator, keep it to five words or less or incur withering glares.

Next time find a friend and sit behind the yakker. When he starts in, carry on a loud conversation punctuated by raucous laughter that makes it impossible for the yakker to hear anything.

On a related note, why don't yakkers ever clue in to the fact that when you can't hear the other party well, your talking louder doesn't actually improve matters.

"Not Hurricane" Sandy said...

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, I guess.
I once was seated next to a woman using Face Time. Go ahead tell me I should have just sucked that up.
It was disturbing to me. Disturbing to my sleep. Disturbing to my Crossword ... all QUIET things I was doing.
Why is it okay for non-quiet things on a train because this person has family overseas?
So I'm just supposed to let it slide?
It's not.
It never is.

Anonymous said...

"I totally get the humour on this website ... "

"Annnnd ... no. You don't. "

You're SO hilarious CJ, so funny.

Seriously y'all have too much time on your hands to anylise the semantics of what I said. And I think, CJ, you should offer some group discounts to some anger management classes. Some of you people need to get a fucking grip and lighten up for christ sakes.

But then again I suppose that you're likely the same person that is speeding 80 kms into the parking lot because you're late and you almost run me down, right? Oh I'm sorry, go ahead you entitled bitch, I'm the one in the wrong.

All you miserable people should really find some joy and happiness in life, it's really not all that bad.

Jack C. said...

I dunno, buddy. Yours is, by my subjective measure, the most miserable comment on the board. Who needs anger management? One who commiserates harmlessly on a blog with other like minded individuals, or one who gets worked up and curses others for said commiseration? I have no choice but to listen to loud, obnoxious yakkers in the morning. You, on the other hand, are under no obligation to log on to a web site and get worked up because others don't share your sense of what is or isn't annoying to commuters.

Maybe you should talk over the trauma of your apparent near death experience with a professional, because I'm not clear on how it relates to inconsiderate cell phone use.

Anonymous said...

Grown ass bullies is what all you cracker jacks are. If one doesn't share your view, that entails a verbal beat down? Wow and to think some or most of you have children. Good on you guys.. You should be proud.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't stating you specifically that you drive. And if you actually check my IP, you'll see that I've been coming to your website for a couple years now and have contributed to posts even as well.

Holy shitballs, passive aggressiveness AGAIN and I'm the angry one? LOL Get your head checked, YEAH YOU CJ. The way you talk to some people is disgusting.

The Flynnigans said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
C.J. Smith said...


And it's this post that got you mad? I can think of so many other posts on this exact same topic that should have had you RAGING, but nothin' ...

It doesn't make sense other than lulz.

Then joke's on me, eh?

Anonymous said...

Joke? No. Commentary, yes. Opinion, yes. Mad, no, angry, no. Raging? Can't really say there's anything that enrages me, CJ. I think you're fantastic most days, shit I've sent you pics before, but I think sometimes you and people in general are just so quick to jump the gun and be all johnny sour grapes and shit on the next person just because you're the one in a foul mood, pissed off at the world and you're pissed off just like every one of us that is on the train/bus at that god forsaken hour. I, too, have sat beside annoying idiots that have yapped the entire fucking hour ride home, but I don't immediately want to rip their eyeballs out, or at least seemingly so like you do. Whatever, my opinion. You should try embracing more kindness in your life.

C.J. Smith said...

You should email me more and should engage me outside of the internet.

You can't really connect my online persona with who I am in real life.

Anyhow, I've already broken my first rule of blogging, learned from 12 years of doing this in many forms, don't engage.

I can't speak for the others, I can only speak for me. I find this man's early morning phone calls annoying. He does bother me and if he's on the phone again tomorrow, I plan on asking him to talk more discreetly.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way on that ride but I have the balls to speak up.

Anonymous said...

We are.

Anonymous said...

Likewise, it works both ways.