Thursday, February 7, 2013

Can you help five year old Sarah Watkin find a bone marrow match?

from: Jonathan Chen
to: ""
date: Wed, Feb 6, 2013 at 11:57 PM
subject: OneMatch

Hi CJ,

I am a reader of your blog and I love it! The reason I am emailing you today is because I want you to help me with something.

My school is hosting an event for OneMatch and the Canadian Blood Services. We are raising awareness for cancer and bone marrow donation. At this event we collecting buccal swabs from people who are willing to become bone marrow donors. If this event got featured on your blog or twitter, it would generate a great amount of exposure. There is more detailed information on the facebook page ( and I encourage you read it. Anyone can donate but the association is targeting males between the ages of 17-35. I hope you can help me and my school out!


I took a look at the Facebook page for what the kids at Milliken Mills High School in Markham are doing to help Sarah Watkins, who is the daughter of a teacher at that school. You don't have to attend the event being held next Tuesday, but if you can manage to drop by the school between 9am and 3pm, I'm sure it would be appreciated. Those of you who would like to help Sarah find a match can register as a stem cell donor at

For more information about Sarah's fight and how bone marrow matching works, the CBC ran a story online. You can check it out here.


Anonymous said...

I highly doubt a high school student is a fan of site about GO commuting. This is a kid who took advantage of your fame. Sorry. But kudos to you for helping him out.

C.J. Smith said...

Hey, let's all try to help out a five year old girl live a long and happy life regardless of how the help is sought out. How about that? That work okay for you because it works okay for me.

TomW said...

Lest anyone get scared about what "buccal swab" means - you just take a swab of your cheek. You also just mail it in - no docot's visit required!

Anonymous said...

Whoah, CJ. You totally took what I said out of context. What I mean is, if you do this for one person, more people will expect the same, free publicity for all kinds of causes. Is that what you want your blog to turn into because if that's what you start taking on, you'll lose readership.

C.J. Smith said...

Thanks for the further explanation, anonymous.

Everything I do is at my discretion and will always be that way but I value your opinion and appreciate the desire to look out for my best interests.

In my opinion, Sarah's fight is worthy of any publicity it can get.

AllanVS said...

CJ ... you are awesome.
This is a great thing you're doing - and you're right, it's YOUR choice, and I know with kids of your own, it probably tugged on your heart strings. I have an Dr's Appointment next week to go over blood tests, and I'll ask to take the Bucci Swab while I am there.

C.J. Smith said...

Thanks Allan

Anonymous said...

I guess I can understand the age range (old enough to consent, young enough to be relatively undamaged).

But why are they targeting males?

C.J. Smith said...

According to the website, that is the demographic that is most needed.

mumzthewurd said...

A quick FYI for your readers. I went online to register for one match. You have to be between 17 and 50 yrs of age. Too bad as I will be leaving that demographic shortly. But I am brining up a 16 yr old who is keen to sign up next year.