Friday, February 8, 2013

GO's Quiet Zone initiative destined for failure?

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This appears to have all the ingredients for a Lord of the Flies situation. Anytime you expect a group of people to govern themselves, it's destined to become a shit show.
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date: Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 8:38 AM
subject: Announcement of Quiet Zone Pilot causes Friction on Kitchener train

Hi Cindy,

I was just reading  the article about the quiet zone pilot in which GO Transit believes that it won't cause confrontation and I wanted to tell you that even though its not even on the Kitchener line, leaving little cards on everyone's seats announcing the pilot caused a lot of loud "righteous" conversations including a very intense confrontation between a man standing and talking on his cell phone and a woman sitting trying to read.

I think GO Transit is definitely deluded with thinking this will work especially on the trains where the ridership surpass the seat capacity. People are already frustrated about standing and having a person comment on the level of his/her conversation will just cause further confrontation.

Some people are just oblivious to how they impact on others and a quiet zone isn't going to change them and its going to give "ill thought" out ammunition to those that want to treat it like a law.

It will even be more  fascinating how this will play out when its a young child excited about taking the train sitting in the "quiet zone".



(19 year train rider with IPOD to block out others but at a level not to impact others)


Anonymous said...

As Phantom on Twitter asked, “How will parents mute excited kids in Quiet Zone to/from Toronto Santa Claus parade?”

MATT said...

How will people keep their kids quiet? If they’re responsible, they won’t be in the Quiet Zone in the first place.

Bicky said...

Rather than designate upper levels of the coaches, they should have designated ALL of the first and last coach on the train - or the middle two, take your pick. How much do you want to bet you'll hear the noise from down below? (Even worse than you do now.)

Peter said...

@MATT: You're going to deny this tike the opportunity to ride on the upper level?


Squiggles said...

All I can think of are the Shout Outs that were written before Christmas about some Proud Mama who thought that it was great that her son serenaded the whole car with his caterwauling.

Those are the people who will sit upstairs and think nothing of violating these new rules.