Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This Crazy Train's Presto Chronicles, Chapter 24: I hope you were downloading your transit usage monthly


Despite being told that the 2012 Presto Transit Usage Reports would be fixed and posted online by Thursday (Feb 21, 2013), this isn't the case.
Many people are missing the message on the homepage of the prestocard website. This message should be on the transit report page.
Le sigh.

Insert record scratch...

Presto has admitted there is a technical glitch and corrected reports will be available after Thursday.

Didja log into the Presto website and check your transit usage report?

I did. And it's WRONG.

I've sent a tweet to Presto Card and GO Transit, but I'm not alone. Check out this discussion online.

For example, my transaction history for December 2012 shows 23 Presto trips (12 days with one day being where I got a ride home). The official report for income tax purposes says I only took 11 Presto trips (10 days).

Oh dear.

It gets better. According to the official report, I only went to work 3 days in September and 1 day in October, but I didn't come home. Hysterical.

The report looks right until it hits the month of July and then it's all downhill from there. 

What to do? WHAT TO DO?

I printed out my transactions monthly because I don't trust Presto's technology. Can you blame me?


April said...

I called them. Mine is wrong right from January.

They said the system is having trouble uploading the information, but it will be fixed and they expect your entire usage to be available by Thursday.

AngelSil said...
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AngelSil said...

Just a quick check shows that my last week in December was off by 3 GO trips and 2 MiWay trips. No, I didn't print out my monthly trips because I am lazy. I expect Presto to fix this for myself and others. We shouldn't be required to print out monthly transit usage reports to cross-check their ineptitude to deliver as promised.

Anonymous said...

Same thing as last year. Ridiculous. I called and spoke to them and said maybe they should remove them from the website or add a note that they are likely wrong. The lady said she agrees lol

Sarah said...

Just called them because mine was missing. Was told that there were lots of problems with the reports so IT pulled them. They are re-running the reports and they should be back up tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I can still access mine on the website. If I hadn't thoroughly gone through it I wouldn't know.

Squiggles said...

What I don't understand is this: It's the same problem as last year!

They had an entire year to get the system working. And once again, they wait until after the last moment to try to fix it. Most sane companies trial run and test things like this.

I, for one, am glad that I have been pdf-ing and printing out my monthly usuage. I knew something like this would happen. And yes, I would rather not be too lazy and use my numbers than use their obviously incorrect ones.

Bicky said...

Thank you for this update!! I got my report today and nearly blew a gasket. They have me using GO 2 rides a week in December when I had 8. I have no idea about the other months.

I also knew it was wrong when the dollar amount said $1212 and my calculations were $2048.

At least I know CRA will take my transaction history reports as evidence of my rides. I was audited last year and my PRESTO report was wrong and never fixed.

Matt said...

Mine apepars to be wrong from January. Given the fiasco last year, I was expecting something like this might happen, only this year it probably affects more people since the monthly pass users are now on presto.

Bicky said...

Okay, so I have just spent the last 90 minutes replicating my Presto report based on my transaction history reports. Dag-nabbit! They got 33 out of 45 weeks WRONG and only 12 right. Out of that, they were missing NINE weeks completely. It was not bad until late April, then it went to crap.

Guess I better get on the horn to these yahoos and try and get it straightened out. Like I have time for such nonsense.


Anonymous said...

As a Ottawa Presto user, I was just told ours won't be ready till close to the 28th (when te website said Febuary 18th) and to top it off mine was ready but is missing the months from Oct-Feb. (I was one of the first to use the system back in May of last yr)

Anonymous said...

Can Presto do anything right. Why is it that the big banks can keep your transaction history for up to 12 months but not Presto?

Anonymous said...

Surprise surprise, it's now thursday and nothing is up and running. "Due to technical difficulties, Transit Usage Reports are currently unavailable. We are working to correct the issue as soon as possible. Please check back soon for updates regarding your Transit Usage Report. We apologize for any inconvenience."
Seriously this company sucks donkey balls. I echo what alot of others are saying: same f-ing problem as last year!! Thank Christ I printed out my monthly usage reports and I'm going to use them instead.

C.J. Smith said...

Well at least they put up a message rather then pretend there wasn't a problem.

However, I agree. They had a year to get it right and failed.

Anonymous said...

No 2012 report or message on my Presto account

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh I see it there now. Why wouldn't they post the message on the page they're directing people to? Weird. That's Presto for ya.

Anonymous said...

You know what????

Life is far too short for ANY of this tap dancing.

I plan on collecting my receipts for payment - NOT my usage records - and using those as proof of payment for commuting.

If the government wants to question this (I could be wrong, but isn't the government somehow complicit in this whole Presto debacle anyway) maybe they can explain to me why it is so hard - akin to eating glass - to get Presto to function - even at the most rudimentary level. If this disallow it - so be it.

Maybe we should all do this?

'Nuff said.