Monday, February 4, 2013

Early morning throw-down on the LSE

from: MS 
to: CJ Smith 
date: Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 7:50 AM
subject: Interesting ride in this morning...

Hey CJ,

The train ride in to work this morning was interesting. I'm on the 5:47am LSE. Chugging along merrily, when we get another ticket check (5th one this month!) There's a guy who apparently didn't have a ticket to ride, nor proper ID. He was apprehended by the GO cops. Thought they would get off the train at Danforth, but nope, they're ridin' to Union. They're standing in the middle level near the trash bin. I usually get up and head downstairs just as we leave Danforth but since they're standing there, I figure I'll wait on the upper stairs. The one GO guy is looking through the guy's backpack, then hands it back to him, then takes it from him again. Then all hell breaks loose, and the next thing the guy's trying to make a break for it up the stairs where a woman and myself are standing - trying to go back up the stairs quickly. The two GO cops quickly tackle him and a passenger jumps in to help subdue the guy. The guy then gets taken down. Next thing, he's got a hypodermic needle in his hand and the train cops are asking what's in it and he tells them he doesn't know, and he's not letting go of it. They must have really taken him down, because he's crying and screaming he can't breathe. By now they're on the lower level. The guy is still screaming he can't breathe and would they put him on his stomach. GO cop says that's not happening. Someone pressed the yellow strip during all this and a crew guy showed up. I headed to the other end of the train to leave at Union. They were still on the train when I went by. There's got to be more to the story because they normally just write the ticket, they don't apprehend a non-paying rider.

There's a woman I chat with in the morning who got downstairs past them, so she would have been in the middle of it all. I'll ask her tomorrow morning what the heck happened.

Kudos to the good samaritan who jumped in to help.

Sometimes a little excitement in your life is good, but not like this!

As a follow up to my ride in last week... there's not really much more to add. As it turned out, there was an off-duty police officer on the train and he stepped in to assist and handcuff the guy. From what I'm told, it took some doing as the guy was putting up a fight. He eventually dropped the needle, flinging it to the floor. The good samaritan got hit with something (maybe spit?). He was asking for water to flush out his eyes. By then we were at Union and most of us were making a hasty exit off the train. The GO cops did ask for names and contact information, so the woman I chat with did give them hers, as did another passenger nearby.

Still unbelievable that something like that happened.


Anonymous said...

This type of incident happens more than you think.
The off duty Toronto Police Officer was hit inadvertently with the OC Foam (Oleoresin Capsicum) deployed by the GO Transit Special Constable. Cross contamination can happen with situationsas these in such close quarters.

Anonymous said...

Security guards do not carry OC Foam.
The off duty Toronto Police officer must have had it.

Anonymous said...

GO Transit Special Constables are not Security Guards. If you do some research before posting you would know this. OC foam is a prohibited weapon in Canada and only those who are authorized to carry it such as Police or Special Constables can do so.
Do yourself a favour and take full advantage of google, you would be surprised on what you can research. It may also help your argument to know more before you post.
K, thanks

Anonymous said...

GO Transit Special Constables are NOT security guards, they are essentially the same as the Toronto Police. Only difference being their area of jurisdiction is GO transit property.

Anonymous said...

They are not the same as Toronto Police. One is a Police officer who is fully trained and has a side arm, while the other is a security guard with power tripping powers with a stick and handcuffs. Give me a break !

Anonymous said...

I love people who can't google information.
Pulled this from wikipedia for you:
O Transit hires Transit Safety Officers, who are designated Special Constables that patrol transit property. They are responsible for ensuring passenger safety and protection, enforcing relevant laws or by-laws, offering customer assistance, conducting fare inspections, and supporting local police, fire and ambulance, while also promoting railway safety.[38] Under the Police Services Act, Transit Safety Officers are appointed by the Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police, with approval from the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services.[39]

In addition to By-law No. 2, they have the authority to enforce other laws under police powers such as the Criminal Code of Canada, Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, the Youth Criminal Justice Act, Safe Streets Act, Liquor License Act, Mental Health Act, and Trespass to Property Act.