Thursday, June 19, 2014

A bitch about bags

Hey ladies, how's it going?

Listen, I have a pair of boobs, too, so I think I can relate to you on some level or another, that maybe this need to carry so much stuff is vagina-related. However, my vagina must be broken because I don't get it.

What's with the bags? The two purses? The Lululemon tote? The gym bag? And then, what is that? A lunch bag?! Where are you going? Most importantly, where do you live/work that you're a traveling hobo?

True, this really isn't any of my business but it becomes my business when you sit next to me and use my lap as your personal cargo bay and decide my left arm makes for a great purse rest (it doesn't).

That shit is annoying. There is space under the seat for that stuff. And that comment you made about it being the floor and you don't want to get your bags dirty? Not my circus, not my problem.

Keep your monkeys to yourself.


Squiggles said...

Thank you!

I admit, every once in a while, I need to schlep a little more than normal, but still, it end up on the floor, under seats, between my feet, etc.

Otherwise, if it doesn't fit in my backpack (which it under a seat) or my purse (in my lap), it is not being dragged around.

kelly said...

if they can carry all that stuff, they can carry a yoga mat that they can roll out under the seat and put their stuff on that.
i call them gypsies

Bicky said...

Soooo, they don't want to put their stuff on the floor because it's dirty... but for some it's okay to put their feet on the seats that just touched the same dirty floor?

Does not compute.

MATT said...

"maybe this need to carry so much stuff is vagina-related. However, my vagina must be broken because I don't get it."

Quote of the year, right there. LOL!

Jules said...

I don't think I've laughed that hard in a while, in fact I am sure I will giggle about it if I think about it again,I agree with Matt quote of the year there!
I admit I carry way to much with me and my sore shoulders are living proof, but it all tucks under the seat and on my lap with no over spill, ever. I hate when people do that.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

The "flying Dutchmen" strike again.
Or, maybe, "flying Dutchwomen"?
Why do people pay rent or mortgage anyway? Just for a place to sleep and shower?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about those brief cases with wheels that people insist on keeping in the aisle while sitting and will roll over your feet while walking. I don't get the double purse thing either. If it's too small get one big bag for all your crap!

Anonymous said...

I am one who totes a lunch bag, a big purse and sometimes my gym bag. I make sure never to put it in the aisle (annoying when others do that, it's a tripping hazard) and they're either under the seat or on my lap. I do pack according to what I can stow underneath.