Monday, June 2, 2014

I get my money tomorrow - (was God DAMN it PRESTO)

I feel bad for the PRESTO folks who have to support this system. It's not their fault when it goes down. I just got a phone call from a representative. My money will be available tomorrow morning when I tap.

I spoke to PRESTO - got loads of apologies - a system glitch has delayed my online load by two business days. I probably won't see the money until Wednesday so I have to go to the ticket desks at Union tonight, line up (wasn't PRESTO supposed to PREVENT line-ups???) and throw $50 bucks onto it and pray that the hostage taking of my money ends peacefully in the next 48 hours.

On Saturday morning, I logged into the PRESTO website and loaded $290.00 into my e-wallet using Moneris to facilitate the transaction.  I paid by American Express.

This morning I tapped and was dismayed to see $19.11 flash back at me. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

As I walked towards the train, it dawned on me that I didn't get the standard payment confirmation email that PRESTO sends out once it's system receives the charge back from Moneris.

None of this sounds promising.  I signed into my AMEX mobile app but can't see pending transactions which means I will have to take time out of my day to investigate this. I'd call them now but I'm in the Quiet Zone. I also don't want to be one of  'those people' who has a confidential phone call in a public space. All y'all who call your mortgage company and arrange your refinance over the phone while on the train must think we're impressed with your asset list and salary.

PRESTO better have my money or something better have blew up at Moneris and my card was never charged.


Outburst said...

There's always something. Since transferring the balance from my broken card to a new one, the balance as shown on the homepage has never changed.
When I look at the transaction details I can see the actual amount changing with every trip.
PITA but not worth spending 15 minutes on the phone with someone over.

C.J. Smith said...

Me too. I always have $231.09 cents.

Bicky said...

And this is why there will never be 100% of Presto clients using autoload or online loading.

Anonymous said...

Demand interest....

And demand they pay for your time standing in line.

This is not a one-time occurence. It's starting to get ridiculous.

George said...

Bicky, I'm actually surprised ANYONE uses online loading considering how many problems have been reported.

Worst. Implementation. Ever.

Bicky said...

George, I almost signed up for it. My sister kept saying how great it was, until she got hit twice on her Amex and it took 3-4 weeks to get resolved. Needless to say, I didn't sign up and she cancelled her autoload.

But I think the good folks at Presto and GO want everyone to go that route (online/auto load). Not gonna happen!

Anonymous said...

Presto was rolled how long ago and it is still incurring these problems? Can you imagine when it is completing sync'd with the TTC.
Calm before the ready

Squiggles said...

I had this happen but with a debit from my bank account. It took 3 phone calls and 5 days for the money to be returned to my account. I was torqued, as it did cause some hardship that month. But never again will I load online. I will always go to a wicket to add money. It is more of an inconvenience, but the money leaves when I want it to and I have access to it right away.

McDarver said...

I will NOT join up for auto-load. I don't trust Presto - they run their business the same way 407ETR does. I don't like having my money held hostage and them threatening ME they will ticket me? I'll add money manually as it's needed. 1 cent interest on 1 million users? Even I can do that math. Who is the customer here?

Unknown said...

I was in a dream. My presto card had a negative balance. I took my phone. Open my presto card account. Loaded my visa debit payment. The Bus pulled up in front of me and I was on my way. Yet, what I could do for my Pizza account. I could not do with me presto card. On my phone I selected the amount, then had to go to my cart (grocery store!) then select to confirm again. Then selected the method of payment, Visa Debit. Went back to the main page to find out that my payment will be process in 24 hours! Very frustrating. My question, is it legal for a crown corporation to keep cash in their account and profit from the slow process. I am not even talking about customer service. The SLA between moneris and Metrolinx are not in the best interest of the Public. I am new to Presto.

CJ Smith said...

That's been brought up before. I don't think presto breaks any laws

Jaxon Oakley said...

I am happy.