Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sorry I busted your knee but my life is way more important than your well-being

Via email:

I'm writing this while lying in bed with an ice bag over my knee right.

I took the 17:30 train today and just as we were getting to Richmond Hill station, it started pouring, and once the train got to the station, we started running towards our cars - as usual.

There was a guy from the coach next to mine who ran out and bumped into me, causing me to roll off the stairs that lead to the parking lot. This guy just walked around me and left, leaving me in pain on the ground and soaking wet.

If I tripped someone and caused them to fall, I would at least stop or stay with them to make sure they are okay.


Bicky said...

What an inconsiderate clod! (Stating the obvious, I know!)

Anonymous said...

Sigh, I have a bruised and swollen knee as well as a bad back (probably from the rolling) aching all over. I'm just glad that I didn't break any bones or hit my head on the stairs or railings.

Anonymous said...

Wow, deja vu. Something similar happened to me about two years ago. :p A torrential downpour began just as the 16:53 express from Union pulled into Pickering station. Everyone started running as soon as the doors opened -- it was the part of the platform that's not sheltered & it was POURING. I could hardly see where I was going & I was trhying to open my umbrella -- & someone ran full tilt into me. Bowled me right over. Jammed the handle of my umbrella right into my ribs, left me stunned & sitting in a puddle in the pouring rain. Knocked my glasses askew, my purse off my arm and one of my sandals right off my foot.

A few kind people did stop & ask if I was OK, but I had to struggle to my feet myself. :p My husband was ahead of me & didn't see what had happened, I found him standing at the top of the stairs wondering where the heck I was. I was soaking wet, shaken up and I was bruised and sore for the next few days. I'm just glad I didn't break anything.

So sorry this happened to you too. It's such a shock to the system when something happens so fast like that and you realize how vulnerable you are. I realize everyone was in a hurry to get out of the rain, but...!!