Thursday, June 5, 2014

Blogger is being a pig

Hey y'all...

Dunno what's up but I'm getting errors and I don't even know if this will post. If it does, just letting you know that content is in the queue and will show up eventually I hope!

Damn you free blogging software! Y U NO WORK?!


Bicky said...

Message received. Hooray!

Peter said...

Stop stressing, CJ. Just like my internet service was up and down more than a toilet seat this morning, this Blogger blip, too, shall pass. Breathe deeply.

Subliminal said...

Take the time to take a holiday CJ. Let the nerds sort it out.

We can carry on by making this current topic the Guinness record for the most comments in in a topic on a post!

All we need is to throw out some timeless topics.

I'll start:
Peter, you should know that there is only ONE position for a toilet seat and that is up.


Or maybe I should start with:
How about them Blue Jays?

Subliminal said...

and if approving comments is affected by this blogging software issue then in the immortal words of Emily Litella, "nevermind!"

How about them Bluejays? :)


Someone call me (not collect) when this is over or they can reach me on CB at 967-rollerball-base.

LOL I can't wait to read all the comments in the queue when this is over.