Sunday, October 5, 2014

GO Transit can't photoshop

This photo is making the rounds on Twitter and Facebook from GO Transit. It's being used to illustrate the importance of having your fare ready before you board a GO bus.

Go ahead and stare at it for a bit.

Here's what this typical model of branded GO bus tends to look like, similar to this photo from photographer, Michael Taylor.

Let's look at the GO photo again, this time from how I see it as a graphic designer and Photoshop artist.

A. No wipers? This is dangerous. Unless this isn't a GO bus and is some stock photo of a bus that was edited to be a GO bus (the wipers could be mounted at the top of the windshield and out of frame).

B. Is that a fare box?!

C. Why does this woman's head curve with the shape of the window? And damn, it's bright on that bus. It's never that bright inside. Not during the day.

D. Where is the door? Shouldn't it be open? The bus is not full. This driver is a jerk!

E. How short is this woman? Is she kneeling? Take a look at the sideview mirror and take in the perspective. She's only a head taller than the wheel well, making her what? Three foot nothing?

F. Dude needs to seriously invest in some fabric softener or Lady E is using some amazing hair care products. Her hair doesn't have a strand out of place in the wind that is causing the dude's jacket to stand sideways.


Warren Downe said...

G: If there are no bicycles, then we should see the bike rack in the up position. Otherwise, we should see at least one bicycle.

Our tax $'s hard at work, again? The Metrolinx Ivory Tower never fails to disappoint me.

Bicky said...

LOL. The bus does look a bit odd.

George said...

Summer student project I bet.

That's some funny Phtotshop Phails there.

C.J. Smith said...

If summer student, then student had to be get this approved, right? What's being learned here?

Anonymous said...

B ... is the arm rest from the drivers seat .. not a fare box.

George said...

CJ maybe another student approved it. :) "Yeh idk if there be nething rong, so aprved."

My wife, an amateur on PS can do better than that.

C.J. Smith said...

You forgot a "like".

Anonymous said...


Sol T Knuts

Masood said...

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