Friday, October 3, 2014

Karma rode the GO Train this morning

Seated near me are two girls in UGGs, wet UGGs because one of them must have walked through a puddle, or spilled coffee, or trampled through wet grass? Wet UGGs had her boots pressed against the edge of the cloth seat in front of her. You could see the wet stains when she shifted them. Her friend was beside her.

Once we hit Ajax, and more people wanted to sit, wet UGGs' friend jumped up, and sat, in the seat where wet UGGs' UGGs had been and realized she had just sat in wetness, in white jeans.

She stood up, and was frantic, and her friend was all "like, like, like" and she was all "like, like, like" and I was all, "awesome, awesome, awesome".


MATT said...

Sadly, White-Jeans UGGs is likely the only person in the exchange who will take anything away from this situation, because White-Jeans UGGs was directly affected by it. Wet UGGs likely forgot about the entire fiasco within the hour, because it wasn't her white jeans that were soiled.

Wet UGGs will most likely continue to put her un-dry footwear on train seats.

There will be no lesson learned here.

C.J. Smith said...

Neither made the connection.
White jeans never said to Wet UGGS, "Like, oh my god, like you had your wet boots on the seat and like, look at my pants".

It was more, and I quote, "Like, what the fuck?" Followed by "We need to, like, sit somewhere else".

Bicky said...

Every time I hear anyone use "like" more than once, I feel my IQ points drop. The more "like"s I hear, the faster it drops.

And yes, Karma can be a good thing!

Anonymous said...


Osama Alrusheidat said...

I counted 250 likes once from a girl on my bus to Waterloo. I actually counted, because, like, she wouldn't stop saying it. Like omg.