Friday, October 24, 2014

Police investigation triggers closure of Oshawa GO Station

GO Transit Security has informed me that Durham Regional Police are leading the investigation into the the situation at Oshawa. GO TRANSIT and METROLINX are following their lead and the closure and service disruption is based on their recommendation.

In light of recent events in Ottawa, extra caution is being exercised and as inconvenient this situation will prove to be, especially to those with daycare obligations, at least you will be home to put your kids to bed tonight and that's what we shouldn't lose sight of.

"Police have closed Oshawa Station for the time being as they investigate a suspicious package. Hopefully it will be cleared soon but I don’t have a time estimate unfortunately. We have a bus bridge taking people to Whitby. Customers on the train were allowed to leave and take their cars home. Security is currently heightened to ensure the safety and security of our customers, staff and the public at large.
Safety for our customers on our system is our first and foremost priority. We are acting out of an abundance of caution.
Our staff – and customers of course - are our eyes and ears of the system and consequently, staff have been reminded to always maintain a level of vigilance. We also ask customers if they see something suspicious, tell someone."

As if this morning's switch problems weren't enough of a headache for commuters on Lakeshore East, the Oshawa GO Station has been closed.

A suspicious package discovered on a train prompted an evacuation and cut service to the station. I have contacted both Metrolinx's media department and security team to see if they will tell me anything further.

What does this mean for you?

Passengers looking to travel from Oshawa or to Oshawa should check the GO website as it's not known how long the closure will be and how it will affect today's evening rush hour. Buses are being sent to Whitby to shuttle passengers to the Oshawa GO lot, but I'd make arrangements to be picked up by a friend, neighbour or spouse if this drags on past 3 pm.

There will not be enough buses to handle the passengers who would need access to vehicles parked at Oshawa.

Anyone who has been through a service disruption knows GO struggles to handle the capacity when shuttle buses are called in. The struggle is real.

Tonight may be a good night to stay in the city and enjoy a nice dinner and glass of wine. If I wasn't home today, I'd join you.

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TT said...

I'm sure people are forgetting things on the train all the time. What made this one so special that it prompted such a response?