Monday, October 13, 2014

Transit platforms: Are the experts on board?


Anonymous said...

It makes me laugh when a Label Executive, an ex-Communiciations company CEO/part time disc jockey and a life-long beaurocrat sketch out half-baked transit plans. We taxpayers pay educated, knowlegeable transit professionals to study the various transit options for us and so what do we do - we ignore them!

Transit City was Metrolinx approved and what did we do? We scrapped it. The Scarborough subway was panned by Metrolinx (and every other expert) - yet the province came in and said build it and so we will. And now we have a selective article in the Star citing a couple of cherry picked 'experts'. No wonder the public is confused, Christ.

Chow is correct in leaving the transit planning to the experts. It's a shame she can't get any kudos.

George said...

You can bet though that if the transit plan created by experts doesn't agree with Chow's ideas and especially her ideology, it'll be ignored.

That's the politicians way of doing things.

Bicky said...

This is why transit hasn't evolved for the last 30 years.... it's too politicized. Get the politicians out of the way and let the experts plan and implement.

Did anyone ever find out what the cost to cancel Transit City was? You know it wasn't free.

George said...

Bicky, political types will never relinquish any power over anything willingly. It'll be a rare mayor that steps aside and allows others to do their jobs without making sure it fits their agenda.

Transit will suck forever in Toronto.