Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Guess we should all look up at the sky more!

Science on the GO
Special to This Crazy Train
By Iona Pintó

What the hell was that exchange about?

Those early risers who choose to look up at the eastern heavens for a moment before GOing about their daily business know exactly what’s happening.  Venus, Jupiter, and Mars have put on an early morning show for us this month.

For a short time, evening eastbound travelers with a front row seat in the upper saloon of a DD can catch a spectacular view of a rising full moon as I did crossing the Garden City Skyway bridge.

Happy stargazing!

This story GOes out to Charles on Route 12!


Anonymous said...

I still don't understand. Is the world going to end? Do I need to call Bruce Willis?

George said...

I saw that this morning and it was spectacular for the stargazers.

It's supposed to be at the closest Thursday morning. I can't wait and since I head out around 6:15am (and I hope it's clear) it'll be an awesome sight.