Wednesday, October 7, 2015

This guy

LOL #gotrainproblems #thisisnotaparking #badparking #someonesgottatellthem #mischeif @shazim21

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Error said...

Good old Bramalea.
Is kind of cute actually. I think the natural tendency is to take a key to the door or poop on the windshield. This is better, but I'm not convinced the driver knows how to read.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS!!!! I had to explain to a GO Transit employee yesterday what I meant when I told him that there were cars parked illegally in the parking garage his exact words "what do you mean by parked illegally, like no one is in them?" UGH - no wonder why people can get away with this! I wish I had time in my life on my commute home to do this to people cars, I just spend my time trying to not hit them or get hit myself.

Jules said...

@ Error...poop on the windshield??! that made me spit out my coffee.
I love this guy, wish more people would do this.

Anonymous said...

Ill give credit to that young man who is actually doing something.

Putting nails under the tires would set them straight.