Thursday, October 8, 2015

Trudeau pledges SmartTrack and GO train funds

Mayor John Tory is welcoming the commitment of $2.6 billion in SmartTrack funding from federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.

The Liberal campaign pledge made in Woodbridge on Thursday, includes an additional $2 billion toward electrifying the GO train system.

The Trudeau announcement is confirmation that SmartTrack will go ahead, said a statement from the mayor.



Error said...

It's good to see Tory, a politician with deep conservative roots, putting his partisanship aside for the benefit of the city.
Ford was great for entertainment purposes, but its nice to have a good mayor again.

George said...

Only a politician would believe another politician's promise of money.

Don't hold your breath there John. Campaign promises aren't worth anything once a person gets elected. Promise the plebes the moon, get elected and then line your own pockets while the getting is good.

Does any non-politician actually believe campaign promises from any party?

Anonymous said...

He said he'd get it built in 7 years. Only 6 to go - exciting!

Anonymous said...

Folks, take this funding announcement with a grain of salt. We can start believing it once contracts are signed and shovels are in the ground