Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Just for one day (I'll bring cupcakes) I'd love to sit in with the great folks at the GO Transit Customer Relations Centre and listen to what passengers call in to discuss.

At Oshawa GO, the stop for the 90 bus was moved slightly north to make room for a new walkway. A woman, a regular (Lord, I hope she doesn't know who I am because I'm sure she'll shank me) let loose a tantrum on the driver Monday about her displeasure of not knowing about this change, wanting to know why it was moved, and that if she hadn't thought to walk up a bit, she would have missed the bus entirely.

How she missed all of us lined up (she is a regular) causes me to wonder if she was serious, or if she was just bitching because she felt inconvenienced. The driver told her it was just as a surprise to her. This wasn't good enough. The woman mumbled on and on that she was calling GO to complain.

I'm telling you - Shakespearean tragedy it was.


MATT said... the stop was moved 12 metres away...that's less than 40 feet. A GO bus is over 43 feet long.

Just so I'm clear...the bus stop moved north LESS THAN THE LENGTH OF THE ACTUAL BUS ITSELF and this woman was tripping balls like she was on the verge of missing the last chopper out of Saigon?

Squiggles said...

That ain't too bad. A friend in Brampton missed two GO busses this weekend because they moved the stop. The powers that be decided it would be best, without letting anyone know, to move it around a corner. So nicely hidden from anyone at the old stop. And the station.

At least you could still see where your bus stops.

C.J. Smith said...

Yes, Matt, the bus moved ONE BUS LENGTH north.
If it was around the corner, I'd be handing the woman a pitchfork and screaming, "Let's ride!" as we marched towards Bay Street.

Error said...

I gotta side with the complainer on this one. Maybe she overdid it with her reaction but they should send out an alert or put up a sign or something, just to cover their backsides, and as a courtesy.
Though I suspect that she missed it because she had her face buried in her phone, and Metrolinx has sure been bombarding us with those damn messages lately.

C.J. Smith said...

She over reacted but yes, a sign would have helped. I knew ahead of time because of the fliers handed out the week before but I didn't check to see if a sign had been posted to the old post directing people to the new post.