Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Clearly Tony Hawk has nothing to worry about


deepfish said...

Yesterday evening in the rain at Southcommon Mall waiting on the bus. A skateboarder was scooting down the hill (not much of a grade) on the sidewalk right by the bus stop. He'd roll down 5 or so metres, grunt, try to flip the board, grunt louder, then turn and push his way back up. Over and over.
The bus was late and a crowd of people lined up, with umbrellas, and slowly encroached on his path. He continued the same back and forth OCD run - complete with grunts, until he started nudging into peoples umbrellas and the like.
He was sopping wet, and obviously not all there...
Just as it looked as he'd get a face full of umbrella, the bus arrived.
Remember when skateboards were the exclusive province of wacky teenagers and not wacked-out twenty somethings?

Anonymous said...

The kid nailed it - sweeet!

Tal Hartsfeld said...

What's the obsession with skateboarding anyway?
It's not like you're doing anything original or unique.