Monday, November 23, 2015

The broken switch that caught everyone off guard

Well, that sucked. But it got fixed and I'm sure it was a sobering wake-up call that winter has arrived.

A fellow passenger who boarded the 5:53 am LSE Whitby to Union train was still on that train as of writing this posting (9:05 am). Her train had to travel back from Guildwood to Scarborough so it could run on another track. My train passed her's and I waved out the window in solidarity at those passengers caught in this mess. It's anticipated her train will arrive at Union by 9:30 am. That's three and half hours on a train.

And how was your morning?


Squiggles said...

Yes! The streak has started again! Thank you stupid heavy work load.

I was texting with people on that train. I would have been climbing the walls by now. Insane! And to make things worse: they were stuck at that spot for over an hour before Metrolinx came up with plan. Why has no one started on that big binder of Plan B's?

What is weird is that I went downtown yesterday and things were good. No delays.

C.J. Smith said...

I can only imagine the level of communication and logistics involved with reversing and adjusting trains. I'm impressed with the level of communication passengers received. That was a major improvement.

Bicky said...

Our CSA did make an announcement as we finally approached Union thanking us for our patience and for the smiles he received while walking through the train. (It wasn't his fault.) And he did keep us informed as he received information and offered the use of his phone if anyone needed to call in to work (he also walked through the train asking). Even the supervisor was making announcements.

Just makes me wonder how prepared they are when the snow starts hitting the ground.