Friday, November 27, 2015

I was so disappointed to learn this wasn't the wheel of excuses

Here's the wheel for those who don't know.


Bicky said...

I played the game on the way home. I won a pen and a LSE button.

C.J. Smith said...

You won an LSE button?

What was the most expensive prize on the wheel? And I'm kicking myself for not going because I really could have milked this.

Bicky said...

The wheel didn't have prizes on it. It had statements. Spin the wheel, figure out which pillar of the passenger charter it applies to and if you answered correctly, you could pick a prize. There were buttons for all the lines, pens, stickers and cardboard trains you put together.

I'll send a pic of my prizes.

Ed said...

I got a pen and a mini-double decker bus.

The pen has a little flag you pull out from the barrel that shows the passenger charter. The bus just sits on my desk at work.

Unknown said...

What is with the blue glow around the wheel? Is it protected by a force field? Does it contain a Death Star?