Thursday, November 12, 2015

Faulty air cabin filters blamed for black soot found on Double Decker GO buses

Last week I ran a story about Double Decker buses on Route 12 and their overall lack of cleanliness. Also pointed out was the appearance of black soot near the air vents and on the surface of the interior.

A representative for GO Transit wrote in an email the problem would be investigated and has since written back a response:

From:GO Transit Customer Relations
to:Cindy Smith ,
date:Wed, Nov 11, 2015 at 10:43 AM
subject:GO Transit, a Division of Metrolinx EM0119002913

Dear Ms. Smith and Mr. (Name withheld by request)

Thank you for your patience while I looked into your concerns.

We investigated all of the double decker buses to determine the cause for the black debris coming out of the air vents.  We identified a technical problem with a small number of buses which seems to be related to the cabin filter for the bus. It is not filtering all the airborne dust out of the fresh air intake which is what causes the black dust.  We are working with the manufacturer to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

With respect to the overall cleanliness of our buses, we are taking appropriate measures to ensure they are brought up to our standards. I trust that you will see an improvement going forward.

Thank you again for bringing these important matters to my attention.


(Name withheld for confidentiality reasons)
Supervisor, Customer Relations, GO Transit


Unknown said...

Are you withholding the name of the GO customer relations supervisor or is GO doing that. And what are the reasons for confidentiality?

C.J. Smith said...

I made a decision not to publish the name of the supervisor because she doesn't need people trolling her online. This is a decision that steams from a situation two years ago where I would publish everything and an employee had to contact me because she received some harrassing messages to her Facebook account.
These people are doing a job and don't need to be named publicly.

Anonymous said...


Skin Man said...

This is awesome!

Anonymous said...

What the heck causes black soot type dust?
What makes it black. Is it Mold? toxic? Cancerous?