Monday, February 22, 2016

I'll update when I feel like myself again

I blame the lady on the train for giving me a virus that caused me to spend five hours in emergency on Friday night in respiratory distress, hooked up on oxygen and then sent home with a rainbow of puffers.

I feel like a bag of dirt. It started Thursday. Only today do I feel somewhat like myself but because of all the steroids, I have no voice. I'm also exhausted.

Thanks for sending me in the stories and updates about the GO bus fiasco and the fact that police locked up an alleged killer with innocent passengers for 30 minutes while the bus driver escaped. It had all the makings of another Greyhound bus beheading. Thankfully, it ended better than that situation.


Unknown said...

Feel better! It sounds like you got The Plague. I had that a couple weeks ago. No idea who I got it from but it put me out of business for 2 weeks. And I don't have asthma.

Bicky said...

Feel better! Hope you're back to your ole self soon.

I was out of commission for a few days last month. I hate being sick! Mainly because I rarely do get sick.

deepfish said...

I am amazed that the perp did not walk. He was smoking. Standard procedure with smokers on GO property is to give them a warning and let them go.

Get better soon CJ!

Sylv said...

Feel better!

Unknown said...

sounds awful! Feel better soon!