Monday, February 29, 2016

Transit Usage reports available ahead of March 1 deadline for some Presto card users

And guess what yous guize?!

Seriously... guess.


I'm shocked. Clearly, just shocked.


G said...

Ha ha, I had the exact same thought when I downloaded my report. This would literally take one of their programmers two minutes to implement. It's mind boggling.

Jules said...

I just inserted my name in and saved the pdf.

G said...

Well, that's an interesting idea but I NetFile so I don't even submit anything to the CRA unless they ask. And you can bet I'm not sending them a doctored PDF as evidence. The best bet is to show the report (which has the Presto Card # on it), then somehow prove that you're the owner of that Presto Card.

$4,000 for me last year, by the way. Too bad the tax credit is only 15% of that.

Jules said...

It actually says Cardholder name:_________ on the top of the report.
I netfile as well, but if they ask me for the report I will give them the report with my name inserted before I root through my credit card statements to appease CCRA.