Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I don't need a woman to stick up for me - Man on GO train. In this century.

It literally looks like a fist coming at me, right?

But it's not. It's a distorted photo of a woman slapping a man who asked her to leave the Quiet Zone after putting up with shrill laughter and loud talking for most of the train ride home last night. I was trying to turn my video option on and while fumbling to do so, snapped this pic. When this woman slapped him the first time, I got up to intervene but was told by the man he "didn't need a woman to fight his battle" and, "You don't have to stick up for me, okay."

Really dude? I was more concerned that another person felt it was okay to slap a random stranger than what sex you present as.

So I sat back down, ready to push the yellow strip when the man actually asked another passenger not to push the yellow strip since the ladies announced they were leaving. They exited at Whitby. Shortly after, the man left the coach and walked towards the front of the train.

I regret not pushing the strip.


Unknown said...

That should also be "ladies" not ladies. These "ladies" are in no shape or form deserving of the label. I mean, seriously, when is it ever ok to touch another person, let alone slap them? And because they were asked to be respectful of others?

The yellow strip should have been pushed, regardless of the man's opinion. As soon as the assault took place, that is grounds for the police to come out and charges to be pressed.

Unknown said...

For assault charges to be laid, the victim must be willing to provide a statement. I'm sure he wouldn't have wanted any TSO''s to fight his battle either; especially not the "hot" female TSO from a few posts ago.

G said...

You can stick up for me anytime, CJ. And if a "lady" (or anyone else for that matter) ever assaults me on the train, I sure as hell hope someone presses the yellow strip.

Rory said...

Some guys still have this outmoded way of thinking. They won't accept help because they are "macho men" and feel like they have to handle everything themselves. They also seem to think that accepting help form a woman makes them less of a man. They also won't press charges on female abusers because they have this bizarre notion that admitting a woman assaulted them somehow makes them look weak. It is a way of thinking that I don't understand. If I'm in a tough situation I'll take help from who ever is offering it. If someone assaults me I'm pressing charges regardless of gender.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Let's hope our illustrious "trophy cunts" didn't go to the authorities and file a complaint aganst this hapless rider for "harassment" or even "assault".
Being a guy versus women those-in-charge are sure to take sides with the women (more often than not).

Too bad you didn't have a video recorder going as evidence. Without it the males are always automatically assumed to be the culprits.