Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Rowdy family coming back from CNE compares Quiet Zone exile with Jews sent to concentration camps

Last night's LSE train saw a large family arrive upstairs complete with cranky children, music blaring from an iPad and a grandpa whistling as loud as he could manage.

It only took until just outside the Distillery District for someone to remind the group of eight they were seated in the Quiet Zone and if they wanted to continue their Exhibition fun, they could do so downstairs.

Choice words were exchanged. Grandpa exclaimed it was a free country. Mom starting recording everyone on the coach so she would "have something for the police to watch if any of us started anything".

When the train left Pickering, a male passenger told the crowd they could go downstairs now since there were seats as he had quite enough of their obnoxious behaviour. He said he was a Metrolinx employee, so if they wanted to know who died and made him the boss of the GO train, he had the credentials to fill those shoes.

As they packed up their stuff and moved downstairs, the mother turned around and remarked to all of us that "this is what the Jews must have felt like during the Holocaust".  The man told her that was an ignorant and offensive comment to make. I tried not to throw a shoe at her head.

I can't with this. I really can't.


Bicky said...

Go to your happy place! Go to your happy place! It's only day 2 of weekday CNE madness!

Unknown said...

I am certain that is *exactly* how the poor people felt being shipped off to the camps. Being told to keep quiet and respect others desire for quiet. I am wondering if this is a GO Train equivalent to Godwin's Law?

It is going to be a long couple of weeks.

G said...

Pfft. What do the Jews know about real persecution? This poor family was asked to walk down a flight of stairs, for goodness' sake!

Anonymous said...

^ A truly horrific and traumatic experience that most certainly has affected them for the rest of their days.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Aren't these the same type of assholes who would sic the authorities on us if we ever did or said anything they find offensive?
It's always amazing how much others want their "entitlements" while expecting the rest of us to stay in line and not do or say things that "mess up their minds". (Not to mention how "traumatized" they get when we do.)

C.J. Smith said...

^ Yup

Marymary said...

Either let me off this ride or just kill me now.

Phynesse said...

Gotta love CNE day trippers.