Monday, August 22, 2016

Man injured after jumping from moving GO train

Police say four men were on board an Oshawa-bound GO train early this morning when around 12:30 am, they managed to pry open the doors of a coach, and jumped just west of Danforth station.

One man was seriously injured. He's currently in hospital under police custody.

A Metrolinx spokesperson told 680 News prying open the doors of a moving GO train takes a considerable amount of force.

No names have been released.


The CBC has more details.


Unknown said...

My guess is that there was booze involved and possibly a desire to start a wonderful story.

Bicky said...

The reports are now saying no on is in custody and the three may have been trying to help the other one who was sick. Still a lot of unanswered questions to this story.

Anonymous said...

So he was about to barf so instead of bringing him to the toilet on board, they pried open the doors and tossed him off? Sounds legit.